Mini-Haul from Ulta – Drugstore Makeup Brands

haulI splurged a little on some makeup, so naturally I had to tell the only people in my life who might care. 😉

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm ($5.99) – So I tried this product in the past from ipsy, and I was really disappointed. The shade was all wrong from their website and it had a chalky, patchy application. This shade is a little bit of a different story. On their site, it looks very brown. In person, the tube looks more rosy. On, it’s a My Lips But Better and Slightly Warmer. It also feels really emollient and moisturizing. It kind of dries out after a few hours, but the colour is staying behind like a stain. I do have to reapply throughout the day.

NYX Color Mascara in Purple ($6.99) – This was disappointing, but not a total loss. On the wand, this mascara is a bright purple. On my (very dark) lashes? The purple gets totally lost. It works nicely as a mascara and way up close, I can see a purple tinge to my lashes, but it’s not the Totally 90s effect I was hoping for. It doesn’t do a ton to plump or lengthen my lashes, but it’s a really nice everyday mascara, so -shrug-

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Stone Fox ($6.99) – I expected this to be a more neutral grey, but it’s actually more of a teal. Which is dope because it kind of matches my hair right now! It’s my spooky October shade. This is meant to go on and dry down into its suede texture. It takes a long time to dry, but when I does, I find it a bit tacky and uncomfortable. If you press your lips together, the colour comes off in spots. And after a couple hours of wear, it felt like the colour was going to crack when I smiled. I don’t think it’s a great all-day shade because of all this. ALLLL that said, I feel like Stone Fox is a really unique shade and if you don’t mind being vigilant with reapplication, this might be a winner for you.

Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup in Ivory ($9.99) – This is very thin. I was disappointed at first, but really surprised at how much of my face I covered with barely any product–and it gave me a coverage that was better than some MUCH thicker products. It was a tiny bit chalky, however, but wasn’t greasy at all. I didn’t choose the lightest shade as I usually do, and I’m glad.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream Perfector with SPF 30 ($11.99) – This was so disappointing. It smells and feels like a sunscreen, which I hate in a foundation that includes SPF. This is very thick, and does a decent job covering dark circles. I don’t feel like it’s a good base for another makeup, however. And this definitely had my face looking greasy by the end of the day.