Ipsy April 2014 Review

It’s that time again…

Benefit Lollitint sample (2.5mL sample, full size is 12.5mL for $30): Benetint is an industry darling.  It’s got awesome staying power, it’s wildly versatile and it’s a great multipurpose product for tiny little clutch purses.  If I’d gotten to choose a shade, I probably wouldn’t have picked lollitint (an orchid pink).  They offer the original benetint (a rich rose red), posietint (“poppy-pink”) and chachatint (mango, and my favourite).  Still, this was a really cool sample to get.

Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Acid Pink (full size $19): I’d previously gotten this product from ipsy in a red shade.  This offers buildable colour (moreso than the red I got before), but the shade was so-so for me.  It’s rather bright, but it’s worn down pretty quickly to just a light pink stain.  This comes with a lip brush, but I think this colour would be fine to apply with a finger.  I’m glad ipsy works to make sure we don’t get repeat shades!

Urban Decay 24/7 Black Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil (sample… I’d guess the full size is twice as long? $20): I’ve got two of the original 24/7 black liners and I’ve always felt a tiny twinge of regret that they’re a bit oily.  So this is the more matte version.  I thought about setting it aside and not even trying it before giving it away, but curiosity got the best of me.  It’s a fine liner, but I feel like the Starlooks black liner is as good, larger than the full-size and less expensive.

City Color White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse (full size $4): In the pot, this looks white/silver. The shimmer is actually more of a pastel yellow, which was a surprise.  I don’t care much for the mousse consistency, but this is different from anything else I own.

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes in Pretty (full size $4): Wasn’t I just complaining that I don’t care for false lashes?  These are quite pretty, but ughhh.  I’ll be donating these.

The Overall: Good month in terms of value and my personal satisfaction with the goods. The bag has a record printed on it, and the theme is supposed to be rocking out or somesuch–which made me wonder why the products weren’t just a tiny bit edgier.  The Cailyn lip colour COULD be edgy if you really piled it on, but overall, this was enough safe, fresh look.  Want to subscribe?  Referral link!

2 responses to “Ipsy April 2014 Review”

  1. Wow our bags could hardly be more different. We share the UD eye pencil and that’s it! Ipsy must be getting very popular to have so many “samples” to choose from. Here’s what else I got:

    1) Blue sparkly nail polish from Rainbow Honey. Pass. If you’re interested I’ll put it aside for you
    2) Dr Brandt microdermabrasion creme. I’ll keep this if it doesn’t f— up my face like other rough exfoliants have. ( I prefer the glycolic acid based exfoliants.)
    3) Nude lip gloss from “marykay at play”. Didn’t even know Mary Kay still existed! It’s nasty lip gloss. Sticky and the kind of nude that makes me look dead.
    4) Root pump from Big Sex Hair. I sprayed some on my hand and I think they’re yanking my chain. I think it’s at most light hair spray and possibly just air.

    Your bag wins! Especially with the benetint.

    I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to please me with the actual bag. I probably would have loved the record motify a year ago and now it’s just “meh”. The next one better clean my toilet is all I’m saying.

    1. “The next one better clean my toilet is all I’m saying.” HA!

      I’m sorry your bag was so WHOMP WHOMP. I feel like I really want a makeup bag that’s weird and edgy as hell, and ipsy just isn’t delivering–even in months when they really could GO there. My profile indicated that I want the weird, wild stuff and I keep getting pretty tame products. I’m sure they’re just trying to appease the masses, but I want OOMPH, dagnabbit.
      And at this point, I wish they’d focus the energy they spend on getting the bag itself into doing pretty much anything else. I wrote about why I’m keeping this subscription last month, but maybe I should rethink that again. Haha

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