PopSugar Must Have Box April 2014

Ooh, a new box?  Time for a Dootsie Review!

The Overall: I took a risk and ordered this (referral link!) half price.  For anyone unfamiliar, it’s more of a lifestyle/home goods box, though it occasionally includes food, makeup and accessories.  The risk paid off!  I was really pleased.  Normally, the box is $39.95/mo, which is a bit pricey for me, but the value is absolutely there–this box contained over $100 in products.  I think the Must Have Box would be a great way to stock up on gifts!  I shared this box with my mom, because I thought she’d get more use out of most of the items (plus some leftovers from my ipsy bags.)  The theme was an “eco-chic” spring.

BlueAvocado (Eco) Shopper ($25 value):  This is a fold-up shopper bag that’s made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic; it feels a little unusual, but it also feels rather durable.  It zips and folds up into a smaller clutch, which makes it nice for transport.  This was designed in collaboration with Lauren Conrad, which doesn’t impress me at all, but the print (Ivory Roses) is really cute.  I’m hanging onto this.

Too Faced Natural Eyes palette ($36 value): So exciting!  I didn’t really need a neutral palette, but this hit a lot of strong notes for me.  It’s in a metal case with a great hinge, a mirror and magnetic closure.  It’s a great size for tucking into a purse.  It comes with a glamour guide that shows you three different looks that didn’t really look too terribly different to me?  Haha

Graphic Image Pocket Notes ($20 value): This is a tiny little notebook with silver edges and “Run the World” embossed on the front.  It’s pocket-sized and it’s a notebook.  I wouldn’t spend $20 for this, but it’s a nice get.

Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap ($10.50 value): Don’t get me wrong: this smells lovely and no one can say the scent is weak.  The smell really sticks around and kind of permeates the bathroom with this stuff.  I couldn’t wash the scent off my hands.  For some people, that’s awesome.  For my persnickety nose, that’s not great.  I gave this to my mom and she was pretty pleased.  I think this is definitely a great brand!

Fresh Pastry Stand Totally Awesome Tea Towel Set ($18 value): One says “totally”, one says “awesome”.  They’re cotton, printed with water-based (!!) ink, with instructions to machine wash in cold (!!) water and spot clean.  Those are some strange choices for tea towels, no?  I feel like my tea towels meet some warm water now and again.  I’ll let my mom speak to the ink’s staying power.  These are big and the print runs all the way across, so I’m not sure how these are meant to be displayed.  Odd, but cute.

NatureBox PopSugar Must Have Mix ($5 value): This is a custom mix of snacks that are offered in the NatureBox.  I think that’s some clever cross-promotion, even if the mix didn’t interest me at all (almonds, soybeans, corn and cranberries).  I gave this to my parents, who love a good trail mix.10

3 responses to “PopSugar Must Have Box April 2014”

  1. Wha-wha-what?? ( You have to say that like Kyle’s mom from Southpark.)
    I never heard of PopSugar! I’m on it. Hopefully you get the referral from the link above!

  2. Ok confused about referral. How do I make sure my new subscription counts against your account?

    1. This link should work: http://popsu.gr/rlVR

      Glad to tip you off! Every review I’ve seen of this box has look totally wonderful, so I think you’ll be pleased. I probably won’t get this EVERY month, but it’s pretty phenomenal. Thanks for using my referral link!

      In case I didn’t link it in the post, here are My Subscription Addiction’s reviews of past boxes (including the “special edition” boxes, which I think aren’t part of the regular subscription–you can opt to buy or not buy them.) http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/category/popsugar-must-have-box-reviews

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