5 Adulting Confidence Boosters for the Week

  1. Contact a friend who will know something about your current need.  You’ll instantly feel better.
  2. Breathe deeply before–and while–tackling any adulting project.
  3. On the fence about contacting an office for something (forms, copy of your optical prescription, records, etc)?  Trust that your request isn’t unusual, bothersome or out of line.  Someone has asked about this before!
  4. You can do this.  Believe it!
  5. Visualize giving yourself a medal.  You deserve it!

2 thoughts on “5 Adulting Confidence Boosters for the Week

  1. #5 give yourself a medal, is a must. I started an exercise program a while ago and I wanted some kind of acknowledgement for it, but I am doing it at home so no one is around to say “nice job”. I went out and bought stickers, every day that I exercise I put stickers on my calendar, I feel good when I walk by and see all the stickers for all the days I have exercised.

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