I’m taking spices and surrounding myself with crystals, because what even is reality?

I like to conceptualize taking care of my wellness by picturing Lady Justice: a blindfolded woman holding scales, weighing what is known–much of which will be uncovered to be total bullshit in five years' time–with what is unknowable, unforeseeable, unplanforable. I don't always make great decisions with my health. I'm confronted with that fact every time [...]

Fortune Cookie Soap Box : Fall 2016

Y'all know the drill, right? The Fortune Cookie Soap Box is $19.99 quarterly and features a smattering of specially-made bath and body products from the Fortune Cookie Soap Company. They're always adorable. Bonus? Every box comes with a $10 credit for the FCS shop. If you're a frequent buyer of indie bath products, I truly [...]

Play! By Sephora : May 2016

So of all the beauty boxes I've ever come across, the one that got me most amped was the Play! By Sephora box. Thaaaat's right, a beauty box by the retailer that's got access to darn near every major cosmetics brand. It's $10/month, available here. I signed up for the waitlist on this box maaaaany months [...]

PopSugar Must Have : April 2016

Wait, did I forget to jabber on about the Popsugar box? I did, I did! Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat by Chrissy Teigen - I'm normally not a fan of celebrity cookbooks, but the recipes in this one are fun, approachable and darn scrumptious-looking. I may regift this, but it was [...]