Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe: a letdown

We’ve previously discussed that there are perils to cherry picking from an already limited pool. Let me just get this out of the way up front: Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe can not succeed unless they add more clothing. Period.

Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe can not succeed unless they add more clothing.

I’m even willing to leave that laying as a blanket statement because I’m sure it applies to straight sizes too. How long until we start getting repeat recommendations, or running out altogether?

Let’s dive into my personal experience.

Out of my dozen (? or ten?) recommendations, I selected three pieces to try on at home. I could’ve taken the whole lot, but it honestly would’ve been a waste of my time and some poor Amazon warehouse worker’s fingers.

When I got the package, it occurred to me that Personal Shopper had actually figured out a way to get me to betray my natural inclination to read the reviews before adding to my cart. (Not that many of the clothes even HAVE reviews, but I digress.) I didn’t even look for alternate color ways! Because it’s contained within the app, it felt like the natural flow to just tap to add rather than attempting to look for the individual item listing. And isn’t the point of the curation that you don’t have to go diving around through the Prime Wardrobe offerings?

And isn’t the point of the curation that you don’t have to go diving around through the Prime Wardrobe offerings?

Except that I think if I had, I probably would’ve second-guessed both of the tops I selected. Maybe I would’ve changed my mind and gone with the ones I said “no thanks” to. Except I don’t know how to access those anymore. They’re gone. Lost to me.

When I added these to my cart, I was actually more excited to be trying clothing from these Prime Wardrobe-carried brands. As I mentioned last time, plus sizing can be horrendously inconsistent. Even if these particular pieces were a no-go, knowing that the brand was a viable option might lead to future purchases. That’s the one benefit I got for my $5. But if I were a little more industrious, I could’ve done this for myself–and better–for free.

Vintage America Blues Women’s F’ab Body Sculpt Straight Leg Denim Jean – My cost to keep: $37.54

These were surprisingly heavy, accounting for probably 75% of the weight of the bag. They’re nice and thick. I had honestly become pretty accustomed to receiving Old Navy jeans and being let down by how thin they were. I was honestly torn on whether to keep these. The fit was nice, but they were pretty uncomfortably stiff. And like all “sculpting” jeans, it just means it’s just a little too tight in some of the spots where I don’t want it to be. In the end, I returned them.

Paper + Tee Women’s Plus-Size V-Neck Three-Quarter-Sleeve Drape Front Top – My cost to keep: $14.55

When I pulled out the plastic bag this came in, I noticed how positively teeny the package was. The material is incredibly thin and it shows every lump on my back. I’d say the sizing is pretty true. The surplice top is tacked together at the top, but does gape. Fortunately, it’s not a severe as many I’ve encountered: you might show a bit of your bra, but you’re not going to expose your belly. If this were $5, I’d keep it and risk putting a hole in the fabric the next time a pine needle falls too swiftly off a nearby tree. As it is? I’m returning it.

AGB Women’s Plus Size Brushed Hachi Long Sleeve Top – My cost to keep: $16.62

Okay, before you say anything… I don’t understand the sleeves, either, but I thought I’d try it. Maybe it would be more edgy or romantic than the photo showed. Um… that was wishful thinking. It’s actually MORE awkward than pictured. And I need you to understand that this would’ve been a perfectly fine top if the sleeves were either plain long OR the belled 3/4 length. The material is that textured sweater-type knit and the pattern is a bit less obnoxious IRL. My boyfriend wandered by and said it looked cool, but I couldn’t get past the strange sleeves.

In the end, this just felt like a waste of $5. I may in the future try items from these brands, which I can’t emphasize enough: ANYONE CAN DO THIS FOR FREE THROUGH PRIME WARDROBE.

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