I am your Personal Shopper: sticking it to Bezos

As we previously discussed, I’m in the process of trying out Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe. But I think I can do it better than The Algorithm/Mechanical Turk/the theoretical actual person somewhere inside Amazon that does the “curation”. Let me prove it.

These picks are all based on the same criteria that I gave my “stylist”. Because I’m a human person, some of these are gut calls (eg. is a partial button-up considered a button-up shirt? To me, no. To an algorithm? Hmmm…)

Vintage America Blues Stella Button Up in Cupertino Stripe – $40

This style of top is all over those overseas discount sites, and I’ve been itching to get one–but unwilling to risk inconsistent sizing. Theoretically, Amazon has solved this for me. I’m fond of this ice cream parlor stripe, but it also comes in acid washed denim and white. Easy, breezy and a little more interesting than a typical tunic. I’m here for it.

Chaps Modal Tee – $23

This might be a divisive pick, but I think that when you’re styling someone else, the job requires a few bold moves. Mixed stripes are fun and playful without being too hammy. The side tie makes it feel just a little more special than a plain tee. Need something a little more sophisticated? Fiiiiine…

Calvin Klein Women’s Zip Blouse – $47

To be fair, I know exactly how this was excluded from being recommended to me: I said no to workwear. And this shirt, styled with those pants? Yeah, it’s work appropes. But some of the other colorways would be perfect for everyday with a pair of jeans.

Gabby Skye V-Neck Fit & Flare Dress – $35

This may have been filtered out because I said I didn’t want red, but again, this is one of those human call things: people don’t want colors mostly because of their complexions, and I feel like that wouldn’t be an issue here.

Laurie Felt Boyfriend Jean – $46

Classic, relaxed but with just a couple touches that make it better than slumming it with Old Navy.

Junarose Paliva Sleeve Long Shirt – $33

I said I like sheer and I’m honestly a little offended it didn’t offer me this blouse. It could function easily as a dress with a shell underneath, or as a top (as seen here). Again, I’m thinking it filtered it out because I said I don’t wear button ups very much, but this isn’t realllllly a button up. Another human call that an algorithm just can’t handle.

Star Vixen Dolman Hi-Low Hem Knit Top – $6

This t-shirt is $6-ish. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns. I don’t understand why this isn’t automatically recommended to anyone who marks the cheapest top pricing? Easy sell.

Baggallini Handbag – $25

I seriously think throwing in a handbag is just a great way to make it feel like a curation instead of an autonomous process. A funky little clutch or crossbody goes a long way to making it feel more worth the $5.

Naturalizer Alya Ballet Flat – $31

Absolutely nothing in my profile said “I am afraid of colour, please hold me!” A wild shoe would be more than welcome.

2 responses to “I am your Personal Shopper: sticking it to Bezos”

  1. So how did you search for these??

    1. I just went to the Prime Wardrobe Plus Women’s section (https://www.amazon.com/Plus-Size/b/ref=tbyb_subnav_7581677011?ie=UTF8&node=7581677011&bbn=14807110011) and found what felt like it matched my criteria. I did filter by size and price, but otherwise, it just took a few clicks.

      Omitting items by the particular criteria I gave to Personal Shopper did make looking through the items more difficult. But… that’s not REALLY how people window shop the internet. You’re not thinking “hmmm… is that more athleisure or casual wear? Is that TOO businessy to be for everyday wear?” And you’re certainly not thinking “hmmm… that has a red stripe across the middle. I guess that’s totally out.”

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