ipsy June 2015 Review

Untitled-1Another month, another glambag! If you’d like to subscribe, be a doll and use my referral link!

TL;DR – This month was a big fakeout for me. I was really excited by the previews, then kind of let down by the bag. It’s not that any of the items weren’t great, it’s just that they were all REALLY SMALL. That said, my roommate was really pleased with her bag and it varied from mine only by a couple items, so maybe I’m just cranky.

The Bag/Theme – This was I guess supposed to be a swimsuit fabric. I never like it when they print ipsy all over the bag, but a cool idea and I liked the neon zipper. The theme was really smart for June and several of the items they put into bags played on the theme, so that’s cool.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil (Full Size) – First of all, let’s kill the term “universal” as it applies to makeup shades, shall we? This was (IMHO) too dark for many and easily on the light side for darker skintones. That said, this is blendable and it comes with a brush, which is super. I don’t think I’d spend $24 on this, as ELF’s brow kit is still my eyebrow king of the hill in terms of both application and price ($3, plus, it comes with TWO shades!)

Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Foundation Primer (Sample Size) – This is one of those beauty champs that pros love. For me, I don’t need it, especially at $36 for one ounce. The sample was 0.25 ounces, which I guess is really good for a sample of this product.

BeFine Cucumber Facial Mask (Sample Size) – I could smell this as soon as I opened the mailer. It was so strong, I assumed this had been crushed. It was just too strong for me to even want to apply it to my face. It’s supposed to be made with cucumber, watermelon and pomegranate extracts, but it smelled completely fake to my (overwhelmed) nose. I think the sample was 1 ounce. Full size retails for $25 for 4 ounces. I’m not interested.

Formula X nail color in Power Source (Sample Size) – This shade is a bright pink-leaning coral neon that is in the same neighborhood as the shade of the bag’s zipper. One coat covered pretty nicely and it suits me really well. This sample was 4mL while the full size would be 12mL at $10.50. I think it’s not the best polish I’ve seen near that price, but it’s a buy if you spot a shade that’s really unique.

tre’StiQue mini shadow crayon in Kona Coffee (Sample size? Ish?) – This is a new product. This size will only be offered as a buy three for $36 deal, so I’m calling this a sample size. Can we talk about how DUMB this packaging is? I got it in my bag with no box, and I was HORRIFIED. I thought it was missing a lid completely, and totally dried out because it wouldn’t mark my hand. It took me five full minutes to realize I was looking at the lid. While the crayon it depicts is one you’d sharpen, it’s actually a twist-up–and the end is blunt, unlike the lid. WTF. It’s way too dark and too hard to blend for me. Bleh.

5 responses to “ipsy June 2015 Review”

  1. Looking over this bag and thinking about the last couple years of subscription cosmetics, I’m aware of how much these experiences have changed my cosmetic buying habits.

    The biggest thing is that there are whole categories of cosmetics I am no longer in the market for because I can’t keep up with the influx. These include:
    1) Primer. So far I have never paid for primer. ( Meaning I’ve never selected and purchased it on my own — obviously I still pay for the box that comes.) I only wear primer when I wear foundation which is rare so I find all the tubes they sent me are more than enough.
    2) Any type of face cream or hand lotion or moisturizer. I can’t say I never buy this stuff — but it’s really rare now. The tubes are stacking up like cord wood.
    3) Concealer. I’m pretty sure the 1 concealer I had before I joined any of these monthly services would have lasted me the rest of my life. Now that I have a few more, it’s unlikely I’ll ever get to the end. ( But on the plus side, I have stopped buying eyeshadow base. )
    4) Brow pencil/powder/kit/whatever. I fill in my brows more often than I wear foundation or concealer but still not enough to deplete the inventory.
    5) Mascara. I still do buy mascara but I’ve become so accustomed to have multiple tubes lying around I don’t stint to throw out anything that is even starting to get dry. ( In my defense, I wear this routinely.)

    Having said all that, there are still areas that apparently are impenetrable against the forces of the mighty monthly box.
    1) Lipstick. I have only gotten 1 lipstick that I ever kept and used. I might be a little picky in this area.
    2) Eye shadow. A source of great personal conflict. I both feel like I have too much and not enough. You would think this would be a great opportunity for the monthly box to make inroads but no.
    3) Eye liner. Eye liner = Mac Black Track. Period.

    Here’s what I got this month:
    IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil: I haven’t tried this yet but I’m excited. Like you, I have no plans to buy this ( or any eyebrow product! ) again.
    Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Foundation Primer: Also excited to get this! I feel like I’ve gotten every other brand sent to me but this, iconic, one.
    Pure Vanilla Healthy Body Butter: Does not smell much like vanilla. Fail. Headed directly for the give-away box.
    tre’StiQue mini shadow crayon in Kona Coffee: I too was duped when I first saw this. “Oh shit where did the cap go??” Unlikely to use this due to aforementioned allegiance to BlackTrack.
    J. Cat Beauty Lipitude Hydrating Lipstain: I reserve the very largest WTF for this because WHAT. THE. FUCK. It was like lipgloss mixed with glue. It was so thick and it never dried. I wiped it off after 15 minutes, but not before I transferred it to my hand, my clothes and my teeth. And by “transfer” I don’t meant a light smudge — I mean it was like my lips were the applicator. Even if I liked the color, it would be a very large FAIL.

    1. I so agree. ipsy has totally changed the way I shop for makeup. I’m always crossing my fingers that they’ll send me a pressed powder foundation. None, not a single one. But if you ever need black eyeliner for an art project, you just give me a call!

      It bums me out when ipsy sends along a sample of just an outright BAD product. They supposedly test all the products before putting them in the bags but pssssht yeahright how much did they pay you to put this garbage in the bags? XD

      1. UPDATE: I went to the ipsy website to leave a warning review about the glue lip gloss and I was surprised to see how many people loved it!

        But yeah, when I open the cap to the eyeliner and the tip falls right off or the eye shadow is such a hot mess it’s turned everything else in the bag into a hot mess… and everyone else is saying the same thing… I do wonder what’s going on. I don’t mind if the products are actually free to them but it makes me a little frowny to think a subpar manufacturer can pay them extra and get my attention.

      2. In ipsy-related news, I made a hasty, spur of the moment decision and unsubscribed (again). I’ll be getting this bag, but I’m currently feeling like maybe I’m done with ipsy. One of the options for “why are you unsubscribing” was disappointment with the level of personalization, and I realized–yup, definitely, that’s it. I’m out. I’d rather just bank my ipsy money and spend it with a few indie brands.

        Then again, OF COURSE I went out and subscribed to something totally different, which I’ll be telling you about when it arrives 😉

      3. Ha ha! Sweet. I need a change.

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