Walmart Beauty Box July 2015 Review

FullSizeRender (3)I love the WalMart Beauty Box. They’re $5, shipped I believe four times a year. Subscribe here, if you’re interested!

I’m not sure why I love this box so darn much. I’m always really impressed with it. Yes, they’re drugstore brands. Yes, some of these samples I could theoretically be getting for free. But I’m always completely satisfied, creeping up on delighted. I have been told that not everyone gets as spectacular a box as I do, so I consider myself… I dunno, smiled upon by the Waltons?

Dove GoFresh Nutrium Moisture in Mandarin & Tiare Flower – Whoa, wait a minute! That’s a repeat! Luckily, I really liked this, so okay fine I’ll deal. The scent is slightly citrusy, slightly woody. I used my last bottle and really enjoyed it.

Nivea Soft Face|Body|Hands Moisturizing Creme – It comes in this wonderful little container, which I fully intend to reuse when this sample runs out–that’s a first! This creme is really buttery. It feels a little greasy and it’s got a slightly floral scent, which is just not my preference, but it’s an okay product and I’m glad I got to sample it.

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy – This is a dandruff shampoo. It smells really pleasant in the bottle, but slightly medicinal in the shower. My hair felt really nice after using it. I can smell a slight hint of the scent (kind of unisex, actually) and a little lingering dandruff shampoo smell, but it’s not bad.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub – Angels were singing when I pulled this out of the box. This is a long-time fave product of mine. It’s an exfoliant using pulverized apricot pits. It smells pretty neutral, but always leaves my skin feeling awesome. I love that it’s not plastic beads.

NYC Liquid Lipshine in Fashion Avenue Fuschia (full size) – This packs more pigment than you expect, but it’s actually a fairly wearable pink. It’s got a bit of glitter in it that makes it kind of gritty to me. Looking at these, though, I’m actually interested to try their clear…

Neutrogena CoolDry Sport Sunscreen SPF 70 – For me, SPf 70 is so important! I don’t know what “cool dry” is supposed to mean, but it did have a nice less-greasy feel on the skin and seemed really nice. I haven’t tried this in the sun yet, but I think it’s a good sunscreen.

One Direction Our Moment Perfume – I hate perfume samples because I hate perfume, and celebrity perfumes are usually the worst. I didn’t even give this a whiff.

Jergen’s Natural Glow Self Tanner – This is meant to be a really gradual fake bake. Eh, sample packets, ya know?

Also included were coupons for makeup brushes – Cool, and there’s a real chance I’ll use this!

2 responses to “Walmart Beauty Box July 2015 Review”

  1. My box is so different I can hardly believe we’ve subscribed to the same service. It’s like Walmart just took random samples from their travel size section. The only thing we have in common is the sunscreen. Also, I only got 5 items! The hell?

    Other stuff:

    Caress body wash: This was my repeat, although the scent was different. It’s a perfumey scent which I don’t like for soap products.
    John Frieda Sea Waves : We have surely lost our collective minds if people are buying salt water to spray in their hair. “But Kathy,” you say, “Mac has been selling spray-on water for years (Fix+).” Ah but that’s different — that has something in it ( glycerin? bug spray? precious Ecuadorian fruit fly sweat glands? who knows ) to reduce surface tension so you can mix powder with it.
    Revlon Ultra HD lipstick: I would be interested in this “gel” lipstick if it weren’t fire engine red. I don’t mind a deep red but my skin tone can’t tolerate an orange-y one. But I am intrigued by the “gel” appellation– what exactly does that mean for my lips?
    Olay Total Effects 7 eye cream: Maybe this was “expensive” and that’s why my box is lighter? I’ll keep this one to try as well but in general I don’t buy special creams for my eyes. I feel like spoiling them sends the wrong message to other parts of my body.

    1. It’s so wild because I tend to get EXACTLY what MySubscriptionAddiction gets, every single time. I have no idea how this box is run. And I honestly don’t know how they pick the shades/products. Occasionally, it’s just pure WTFery.
      I think the Olay cream full size is between $15 and $20, so ehhhh.

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