ColourPop Cosmetics First Purchase

IMG_0569I finally broke down and made a very small order from ColourPop Cosmetics. For the unfamiliar, they’re a makeup brand based in L.A. that doesn’t test products on animals (I’m unclear whether they’re totally “cruelty-free” or not, but they do say that some of their products are vegan.) How cute is it that they handwrite every customer’s name on their thank-you cards? They also include postcards with product suggestions and instructions.

My experience?  Of course I’m going to tell you all about it!

Lippie Stix Pencil in Westie ($5): I opted for a pencil because I wasn’t sure about the shade. I’m actually glad I got the pencil, because the application is great and nicely controlled. Westie is a pink that’s somewhere between silly-cute and better-than-nude on me. I adore it, and it wore all day until I viciously wiped my mouth repeatedly with a napkin while dogging a shrimp kebab at a cook out.

Shadow in Girl Crush ($5): I’ve been searching for a replacement for Urban Decay’s Revolver since they discontinued it. In the pot, this doesn’t look like it would do the job–Revolver was more cool–but this gets in the neighborhood and has the matte look I wanted. It’s perfect for a smoked-out eye.

Shadow in Drift ($5): This is a beautiful cranberry that’s a bit more cool than their website shows. It’s beautiful and buildable, which i love.

Shadow in Birthday Girl ($0 – limited time only): This is a great gold holographic glitter shadow with an almost invisible base, so it’s a loose sparkle. Very cute. This was a limited free gift for their one year anniversary.

The Good: I love their product selection and they’re adding new shades every day. There’s honestly something in their inventory for every taste, and at a great price. Bonus? You can get $5 your first order if you sign up for their email list. Uhh… that’s a free product!

The Bad: Their shadows are SOFT. So soft, so fluffy. Which means that every swipe of your brush seems to go through about half the product. I’ve seen reviews where the reviewer hit the pan on the first swipe. Whaaaaaat. I worry about breaking them. They also advise against depotting the shadows, claiming that they dry out too fast. Hmmmm. They’ve been cranking out so many new shades that I was actually leery about buying from them, curious if their business practices were totally above-board, but maybe that’s personal skepticism?

The tl;dr: I’m into it, will buy again.



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