Fortune Cookie Soap Box : Winter 2016

The theme was Through the Wardrobe, a nod to the Chronicles of Narnia… which I know next to nothing about. The only thing I do know about it is that there’s a lot of winter in there, so it makes good sense as a winter soap box theme. All of the products they sent this month were white and red, which was super charming and beautiful… but also a little confusing. They often make each scent a different colour so that when you go to buy it from their site, it’s pretty easily recognizable. But as a curation, this box was really thoughtfully put together and I love that about FCS.

Sweeties Fortune Cookie Soap – This is meant to be reminiscent of Turkish delights, and it’s even a translucent jelly-type soap, dusted with white powder. The scent isn’t there for me, though. It just smells like soap to me with no rose at all. Also, it bled red all over its wrapper and the fortune. I don’t know whether that was from this unseasonable heat or if this will bleed badly when wet.

Dream a Dream Dusting Powder This is meant to be dusted on after a shower. It’s a heavy patchouli with lavender. I like the inclusion of this for winter, as it’s going to be super helpful for my thighs when I’m pullin’ on my long johns.

Hide and Seek Whipped Soap – On first nose, it smells like a warm, toasty coconut that’s slightly sweet. But in the shower, it opens up a little to something baked with melty marshmallows on top. The texture is lovely… for the most part. Occasionally, you get a solid bit of soap that just feels out of place and weird. Still, whipped soap is the future and everybody needs to get on board.

Father Christmas Whipped Cream – I catch a light whiff of juniper, followed up by a sweetness. Honestly, I don’t see myself wearing this.

Always Winter OCD – I get pine, cedar and a tiny bit of sweetness. Maybe some cinnamon. Again, not my favorite scent. It reminds me of cheap holiday candles. The glitter is exactly what my hands look like after I put up my miniature ceramic winter village.

Deep Magic Shampoo Bar – Mint and rosemary, for sure. It’s very bright and warm. The cooling sensation when I use it is phenomenal. This bar lathers better than any FCS shampoo bar I’ve ever tried, so I was super dismayed to see that for the full-size launch, they changed the texture of the bar completely. WHOMP WHOMP.

Small Favors Pedi-Bomb – I catch the sweetness of a pipe, honey and a little zip of citrus. It’s lovely. I will be using this after a long day of wearing boots, no doubt.

Lion’s Breath Perfume Oil – I get the pomegranate smell, with a warm winter wood backing. I love this a lot, and it’s turned out to be a fan favorite scent.

2 responses to “Fortune Cookie Soap Box : Winter 2016”

  1. So much good stuff! Sigh.. this is the siren box, the box that always lures me back…
    ” Still, whipped soap is the future and everybody needs to get on board.” … Toot toot! I’m on board… now what is it? LOL. I’ll have to check it out.

    1. Very literally, it’s (more or less) a bar of soap that’s been thrown in the blender. For me, body washes always feel a little wimpy, more focused on being good-smelling and ~*luxurious*~ than on making me feel squeaky clean.

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