Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet :: February 2016

IMG_1185The NMVC is a monthly subscription to an indie cosmetics brand with a morbid lean to their style and products. You can see my review of the January Vanishing Cabinet here.

This month’s theme was “Stronger Than Death” with references to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a sumptuous-looking (if occasionally cringey) movie adaptation of the book.

Kiss Me Diablo Lip Rouge Lipstick (vegan) – This is a bloody red that seems very appropriate to the theme. I find that it smells and feels a bit waxy, like a crayon. If I’m careful, it blends out pretty nicely. Red lips never look good on me, so I’ll probably dot this on over chapstick. Still, it’s a lovely shade.

Love What You Love Eye Pigment (vegan, not lip safe) – This is a blued emerald. It coordinates with a beautiful dress Mina wears in the movie. The shimmer is more of a true green than the base itself, which I found a bit sheer applied on my eyelid without primer.

See Me Now Eye Pigment (vegan, not lip safe) – This is a purpley grey inspired by the suit Dracula wears when he first really reveals himself to Mina. This is definitely more purple than the suit in the film, which was a bummer for me. This one applies at medium strength without a primer, but it looks a bit like a bruise and reminds me of a slightly weaker version of one of the shades from the last VC, which is whomp whomp.IMG_1179

My Beloved Highlighter (vegan, not lip safe) – This looks like a kind of mauvey coral in the pot, but it goes on with a pinkish pearl shimmer. For me, I find it a bit obnoxiously shimmery, actually. But I’m not a fan of highlighters, in general.

The Overall – Very cool theme, and very on-brand for them, especially for February. It shipped from them AFTER Valentine’s Day, however, so I found the theme choice of love an odd one for after the big holiday. Personal quibble.

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