Rock a lot of polka dots :: style post

There’s something about spring that makes me want to rock a lot of polka dots.

I think they’re fun and kind of innately cheerful. Maybe it’s years of Easter dresses and conditioning, but to me, nothing says BYE, SNOW quite like a mess of dots.

So yes I think you should get on board with the polka dot!

Adidas Originals Men’s Pharrell Williams Stan Smith Sneakers ($48-$120 on Amazon) :: These come in yellow/red, blue/red and red/white dots and I just love ’em.

Chooka Women’s Skimmer Rain Shoe ($55) :: All that spring rain means your shoes might not be quite ready to handle the puddle party. Have no fear! These shoes are here! Blue and black options available.

Brand Q Men’s Bow Tie with matching hanky ($9) :: Matching bow ties and hankies are so beautifully genteel to me. This has several colour options.

Emblem Eyewear Retro Polka Dot Semi Rimless Super Round Circle Cat Eye Sunglasses ($8) :: What a title! These are completely adorable to me. Pink and orange also available!

Uxcell Hooded Nib Piston Converter Fountain Pen ($9.50) :: You don’t always have to WEAR dots to sport ’em!

Marc Jacobs Dot Eau De Parfum ($46 for 3.4 oz) :: I’m a sucker for ladybugs.

BH Cosmetics Pink-a-Dot Brush Set ($19) :: Dot up your vanity!

Sea Team Wire Headband ($9) :: This headband has that Rosie the Riveter look.

Wildkin Serious Backpack ($55) :: Backpacks should never be boring. This has a lot of exciting colourways, also.

Saddle River Fabric Zipper Passport Handbag ($11) :: I really like passport bags, because they’re so small and light. They’re made for spontaneous adventures, after all.

Happy Socks Unisex Combed Cotton Crew ($6-12) :: These will add a little pop of fun, even if you’ve gotta look all business-serious.

Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella ($24) :: -heavy breathing- Bubble umbrellas are double cute, and this bad boy is no exception. (Bonus points for the ‘Murica option.)


2 responses to “Rock a lot of polka dots :: style post”

  1. All the Marc Jacobs perfumes are sooo cute but every time I smell one I’m just “Meh”.
    You probably weren’t alive for this but the summer after Diana and Charles got married, two things hit in a big way at school that fall : giant poofy sleeves and polka dots. I managed to score not one but TWO dresses that were polka-dotted AND big sleeved. The sleeves were definitely a nod to Diana’s wedding dress but I have no idea where the polka dots came from. One didn’t question these things. One just accepted what the Polka Dotted Gods deigned to bestow.

    1. Well, I suspect the polka dots came from here…
      I had this dress in grade school that was navy blue polka dotted with these flat, tall rounded sleeves. It had a peter pan collar, too. So stylish???? With my awful donut bangs????

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