Fortune Cookie Soap Box : Spring 2016

IMG_1070I speak for the FCSB! The spring Fortune Cookie Soap Box theme was The Lorax! It’s a perfectly lovely theme for spring, as it’s all about bright colours and remembering to love the environment. To play on the theme, the box extra goodie was some plantable paper confetti! Free flowers.

Overall, I continue to love the Fortune Cookie Soap Box ($19.99 every four months, includes shipping). It always feels like a phenomenal value. They promise eight exclusive FCS products plus a $10 off code for their website. That makes most of their full-size products completely free! The scents are always exciting and the themes are always relatable to everyone and completely adorable.

Guardian of the Forest Fortune Cookie Soap – This one promised fresh-squeezed Meyer lemons. It was definitely more subtle than I expected, and somewhat creamy.

This Thing? OCD Hand Sanitizer – This smells the way I want all hand soaps to smell. Orange, vanilla and a whiff of florals. Lovely! This “sample” size is one they offer for sale on their website, and it’s perfect for stashing in a purse.

Disco Tree Whipped Cream – In the tub, this was pretty faint, maybe warm with some florals and sweetness. On my hands, it was sweet berries with a warm backbone. It wears out even warmer.

Unless… Pedi-bomb – This smells like a spring day by a rolling brook. Warm, wet, floral and faintly woodsy with, of all things, ALGAE. This scent is the–wait for it–bomb! I am definitely using up my coupon code to get something else in this scent. It’s like it was made for me. I love love love this one.

Oh Hair Shampoo Bar – I immediately went OOH! at this one. This is bright. The combination of peach and grapefruit reminds me of Bubbalicious strawberry or watermelon gum. Very nice! This one is nice to use. I get a ton of washes off this size bar, too!

One C Cuticle Oil – I caught vanilla and patchouli, but not in an aggressive, hippie van kinda way. It’s pleasant on the hands and not at all overwhelming. This sample size is deceptively generous. It looks like a small dropper bottle, but a VERY SMALL amount goes a long way.IMG_1069

Paradise Found Petal Perfume – This reminds me of a Victoria’s Secret perfume. Florals with sweet fruits and vanilla. Great sample size!

In-Organic Shower Steamer – The combination of lemon and parsley makes this smell very green. In the shower, I find it much less aggressive, almost to the point that I was sniffing to catch a whiff. It was overpowered by the Oh Hair shampoo bar at the same distance.


If you haven’t subscribed to the Fortune Cookie Soap Box and you’re considering it, I say do it today! Because it’s just four times a year, because of the $10 gift code, because it feels like SUCH A DARN LUXURY… I think it’s the box that gives me the most joy. If you like the look of these products without committing to a subscription, you can use this link to get $5 off a $30+ order (doesn’t apply to subscription boxes… sorry.)

2 responses to “Fortune Cookie Soap Box : Spring 2016”

  1. Remember when I said I stopped my subscriptions? Well, I liked. I didn’t stop this one. I wish I could say I had the foresight to appreciate a good deal but really I couldn’t manage to do it from the website ( you have to call them I guess ) and then I just forgot until lo and behold — look what showed up on my doorstep!
    I think you’re right: $20 every 3 months is a small price to pay.
    Now if I can stay away from the Chocoshop subscriptions, it’ll be perfect….

    1. Another reason I love the FCSB: I actually use the shit. That’s an important point.
      Sorry they’re so hard to cancel. I GUESS YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO ENJOY IT! haha Revenge of the Subscription Boxes.

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