Peaches and Petals : January 2016

IMG_1051My boyfriend was disappointed that there weren’t any peaches in the box. I have to say, that would’ve beat what I got.

Peaches and Petals describes itself thusly: “Experience our world of fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle in a hand-curated box delivered to you each month.”

Every box I checked out was accessories and jewelry, so I was excited to try this box at half off (use code PEACHADDICT). Naturally, the month I try it, the box includes exactly one piece of jewelry and zero accessories. Then again, the box reviews I checked out said that they included ancient makeup and “free with any purchase” accessories sometimes, so I maybe dodged a bullet?

The Overall: Boo. Hiss. I spent $7.50 on this box and the value was definitely there, but I cancelled immediately. I don’t recommend it.

The Packaging/Theme: It comes in this cardboard box bottom that slides out of a cardboard sleeve. So the whole thing is delivered in a mailer bag. That makes exactly zero sense to me. Why not just send it in an actual box? It comes with a Peaches and Petals sticker on the sleeve, then everything is wrapped in tissue. This month’s theme was Adventure, so the tissue was landmarks. Cute. The curation definitely went with the theme.

Inspirational “Decal” (Value ???) – This seems poorly printed. I’d probably just call this a regular-ass sticker, but what do I know?

Kikkerland Selfie Stick ($12.50) – And I thought hell would freeze over before I owned a selfie stick. This doesn’t even work with my phone, but here we are. I get that this probably fits the market of this box, except I feel like if you want to own a selfie stick, you already do.

Hamilton Beach 17oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (???) – I was super stoked to get this. Though I know every other subscription box in history has sent one of these out at some point, I’ve never ended up with one. I kept eyeing them at the store, but they seemed just too expensive for me. The bottle itself is glass. I couldn’t find this particular one for sale anywhere (more on that later) but I’d estimate it to cost at least $8, so there’s my value in this box. The colours were random, and I’m stoked I got purple.

Adventure Jewelry Bracelet (????) – This is an adjustable open bracelet with a plane on one side and a cloud on the other. The quality isn’t great and it was already tarnished and spotty.

Family Circle Healthy Home Style Cooking Cookbook (Retail value listed as $34) – This cookbook was printed in 2011. This was given away for free with a two-year subscription to Family Circle magazine. It’s apparent from other reviews of this company that they get bulk lots of these “free with any purchase” items and overstock items from some companies’ extremely outdated inventory. I just feel like that gives your box a pretty bad rep. I assume the water bottle is an outdated overstock item, but it’s acceptable because as long as the product is intact. But something branded so obviously? I don’t know.

What Would It Take to Get My Dollar? – I would need an acknowledgement from them regarding the practice of sending out old freebies and a commitment to not do it going forward. They just announced a price increase from $14.99 to $19.99 and–who knows–their plan may be to stop sending out old flea market stuff. But I would have to see it in action for several months before I’d put my dime down.

4 thoughts on “Peaches and Petals : January 2016

  1. If they’re sending it USPS, then I might have some insight on the unusual packaging. The post office charges a lot less if you use their packaging ( like half ) and the envelope/mailers are cheaper than the boxes. So if they’re using USPS packaging on the outside, that would explain it. ( And even if they’re not it might because mailers might be cheaper than boxes even if its not USPS packaging. )

    Good catch on the outdated inventory! They sound like novices and while I appreciate how difficult it can be to start this type of business, I’m not their fairy godmother. I think small start-ups will have better luck if they narrow down what they’re offering, if they really specialize. Otherwise they’re just competing with the likes of Popsugar.

    You’ll be happy ( maybe? ) to hear that my subscription hiatus is still in effect. I was sorely tempted yesterday when I found out about Scentbird and Chocohub. My will is strong against the random-goods type of box and any kind of make-up box ( burnt out! ) but I’m having a hard time resisting other types!!

    1. They mailed it through UPS, but it was handled at the end by USPS. And I often see those type of shipments in that kind of mailer. I had no idea that they’d let the box-shaped bags fly for the same price, given the guff they give me trying to mail basically anything. Haha

      I won’t lie that candy subscriptions have been the hardest to resist. The only reason I haven’t dived in is that I haven’t found a ton of great deals on those type of subscriptions–which I completely get. There was (is?) this subscription box that does fudge. Just fudge. A box of multiple kinds of fudge.

  2. I’ve been seeing this water bottle around and every time I do — ok I’m just going to say it — it reminds me of a giant dildo.
    LIke I’m faintly disappointed when I realize it’s just a water bottle. But Jiminy Christmas what would I do with something that size anyway?? Why the long face, Kathy — were you looking forward to a herniated vagina?? I console myself with the fact that undoubtedly there’s an ER story that features this bottle, a tube of preparation H and forceps. And a gerbil.


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