Ipsy Review: December 2012

So I just realized that I should be getting a tracking number from Ipsy within a day or two, but that I never reviewed my December bag.  Sorry, folks.  The flu took precedent.  I’ll keep this (relatively) brief.

The Bag – It’s smaller in height than other bags, but it’s the first I’ve gotten that’s wide.  I really enjoy this bag!  It’s silky and I’ll call the colour Weimaraner.

Loose Pearl Shadow by NYX – I don’t have this in front of me right now, and I can’t figure out which shade it was supposed to be.  It comes with a strange brush inside that seems to just get pigment everywhere.  When I finally got reins on the product (I just poured some out and used my own brush) it was pretty standard-issue stuff.  I didn’t like the colour on me at all–it went on more neutral than it looked in the bottle (sort of army green gunmetal,) but it was still pretty overwhelming for my pale face.  For $3 for 0.06 oz, I feel like this is on-par with other brands, even though the packaging is awful.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Zero – Zzzz.  I already have this.  I’m sure people who got Woodstock the last time these were in the bags are happy. Then again, the people WHO ALREADY GOT THIS are probably shrugging.  It’s a great black eyeliner, but c’mon.  I shouldn’t need eyeliner again until sometime in 2016.

Mai Couture Highlighter Paper – I just don’t care for products like this.  I haven’t even opened it.

Mirabella Primer for Face and Eyes – This was silky and nice, and worked okay as a primer.  It’s $29 at Mirabella, which is downright ludicrous.  Suggested alternative: $6 elf Mineral-Infused Face Primer

Be a Bombshell Lipgloss in Hot Mess – I was expecting this to be like last month’s Be a Bombshell lip product, so I was surprised to find it was a gloss.  I was doubly surprised to find that it left a nice amount of colour, thought it was more pink than the tube would suggest.

The Overall – This is decent for making a vampy face, but meh.  I’m considering cutting this subscription.  I’ve been happy to get such deals on some of the products, don’t get me wrong.  I still think it’s wonderful for someone on a budget who wants to fill a close-to-empty makeup drawer.  But I have so many products that are so similar, and I’ve gotten plenty of stuff to keep my face done up.  The sneak peeks for January are okay.  The products include SPOILER ALERT an eyeshadow crease brush, argan oil for the face, Pacifica blood orange scented lotion (I love this brand,) Big Sexy hairspray (no idea how they’re getting these products to us…) and red nail polish.  I’m really only excited for the lotion, but who needs more lotion?  No one.  The hairspray will be nice if it’s a can, simply because I don’t have any at the moment.  Meh.

We shall see.

2 responses to “Ipsy Review: December 2012”

  1. I had similar reactions.

    NYX shadow: this was my favorite thing. I have a soft spot for light-colored shiny shadow to put on my lids. ( I also have about 5 years worth of it but who’s counting?? ) I did not see an applicator though to go with it! I just assumed it was like a Mac pigment. What does the applicator look like like? Did I throw it out??

    Mirabella Primer: Frankly I don’t need more any more primer in my life. I might keep it for travel purposes or I might just give it away.

    Mai Couture Highlighter Paper: I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do with this. Sometimes I’ll highlight my upper cheek or my brow bone but … with paper? Wha..?? I’m guessing this is a portability issue. You can slip a couple in your purse and avoid the trauma of mid-day lackluster skin. (Unfortunately I’m sure I would be trading that for the trauma of a powdery purse so … I will have to continue to bear my lackluster cross. )

    I am still excited by service on the whole. I think a large part of this is due to the fact I can easily distribute discards among my family and friends. I am really surprised at how happy it makes people when I dragged my shoebox of discards in to work. I was nervous the first time, thinking that everybody would be like “Uh gee thanks for the rejects Kathy” but the whole box was gone by the end of the day and let me tell you, there was some real shit in there ( from the hippy-dippy-organic-but-not-effective subscription I used to have ).

    1. I love the discard box idea! I find that people are generally deeply excited by the word “free”.
      I saw an ad for that organic box service the other day and thought of you. Then promptly scrolled past the ad, never to look upon it again. 😛
      My NYX pigment had a little weird brush in it, sort of like a lipgloss brush. I feel like the shade I got was some sort of fluke or something because I still couldn’t match it up to what’s on their website. It was very dark and sort of army green attempting to be a gunmetal colour.
      I don’t get the highlighter paper. I’m actually just remembering that they’ve already put this in a previous glambag, as well.

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