Thinking: Resolutions?

I’m thinking a lot tonight.  Mostly about myself, where it’s going, how I spend my time.

It’s actually a lovely change of pace, to have the space in my head to think of myself in terms deeper than idle vanity.  I’m challenging myself, I’m forcing myself to consider things I’ve been putting off indefinitely.

Some points:

– I want to save money because I want to buy a house.  Someday.  No rush.

– In the spirit of saving money as well as making myself somewhat healthier, I’d like us to have more meals cooked at home.  I’ve got to commit myself to cooking more often.  And maybe get a bread machine/Crockpot from Goodwill?

– I like the career path I’m on, in spite of current details that need settling.  I think I want to stay where I am.  I’m feeling very fortunate financially, which helps.  So I want to really wow my coworkers and do the best work that I can.

– I want to work a little harder at my mister’s happiness.  (PS lover, I’d love to know if you have any thoughts on how I can make you happier.  I mean, aside from doing the dishes more often. <3)

– I really want to do more to help Offbeat Home + Life.  I’m working on guest posts.  (PS everyone, if you don’t visit there, you should stop by sometimes.  It’s got something for all of you.)

– I’d like to have a little less idle time.  This is a daunting thing to say because I’m really greedy with my time and I like how I spend it, but I know there are some basic things I neglect and some important things I could be doing (ie. shaving my armpits ever, actually knitting, vacuuming, helping people who need me.)

– I want to make fewer mistakes and fewer excuses.

– By 2014, I’d like to feel a little more like an adult.

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