Ipsy Bag Review: January 2013

Not pictured: the mini can of Big Sexy Hair

The Bag: ADORBS. It’s a tall, slightly triangular bag in a smooth navy nylon.  The lining is a brighter blue with stars and dots.  Very sweet and sleepy.

Big Sexy Hair: First, I was impressed to get a mini can of hairspray.  I think Big Sexy isn’t really a new brand to most people–it’s pretty ubiquitous where I’m from, at least.  It’s a good, solid hairspray.  I’d been needing some, so fantastic.

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter: I got a candle and perfume set from Sephora of this scent a long time ago, and I love it dearly.  I was stoked to get a lotion.  I wouldn’t call this a body butter, but it is a bit thicker than typical lotion.  A 2.5oz tube isn’t shabby for a sample bag!  The scent is sweeter and more floraly than a true blood orange, but I really love it.

Nailtini in Bloody Mary: This red is not a Bloody Mary shade.  It’s more of a candy apple red and the consistency is almost like a gel polish.  The hue matches almost exactly to a $1 bottle of Wet n’ Wild I had when I was 12.  The coverage and consistency of the Wet n’ Wild was better, and it was sort of a gel polish.  Again, this stuff retails for $13, so go for the Wet n’ Wild.

Josie Maran Argan Oil: There’s that buzz word again.  This is an oil, though it doesn’t feel oily in application.  I can be used as a general moisturizer, for face, body and hair.  I was more impressed that this came in a glass bottle with a glass dropper.  I’ll be repurposing that later.

SOHO Get a Grip Eyeliner Brush: If this is supposed to do eyeliner, I’m a bit confused.  The line of bristles is much too wide and much too flexible.  The package instructions show how to use it for concealer, blush and more.  It retails for $10, but I think you could find a much better eyeliner brush for the same price.  As a general eyeshadow brush?  This is great.  I wouldn’t use it for concealer or blush ever, though.

The Verdict: Decent bag altogether!  The theoretical value is around $40, so not bad.  The products felt a little mish mash to me.  The theme was “Super Stars”, but I didn’t get a cohesive feel.  The lotion smells summery, the polish and hairspray is red carpet/40s bombshell, the argan oil is sort of naturey, the brush is whatever, the bag is more sleepy time dream land.  Am I overthinking that?


4 responses to “Ipsy Bag Review: January 2013”

  1. Again, my bag is a little different than yours and again I want your products!

    Bag: mine is definitely black, not navy. Not bad but I would have preferred navy.
    Nailtini : the color is called “frappe”. I would describe it as cream tinged with pink. A couple of years ago I would have been thrilled but now I prefer your red.
    SOHO Brush: mine is tagged as “concealer” with no claims for eyeliner. I swear I had this brush before and I think I hated it. I think it came apart. Must remember to fob this off on somebody unsuspecting…
    Argan oil : I may use this. I have a small array of “oily” products that I rub into my very-dry hair so I don’t mind adding this to the list.
    Pacifica Lotion : Ahhhh you’re right : this is a winner. Score!

    1. The argan oil has been getting some use at my house for around my nailbeds and across my nose and cheeks where winter is taking its toll. It’s been a really nice moisturizer, so I gotta give it its due!
      Totally love the Pacifica scent. I got my candle/matches/spray set… five years ago? And I’ve been rationing the spray and candle since. If you haven’t checked out their site, they have some scent combinations that I’m itching to try. (Mexican Cocoa, anyone?)
      It’s so strange how the bags vary sometimes. Once in a great while, someone on the Ipsy community will be like “WTF I got a product from the last bag in this one.” Ipsy usually sends them the missing product, but I’m like… how does that HAPPEN?

  2. Fellow Lexitonian here! Well, by way of Nicholasville. But, close enough lol. I, too, am an ipsy subscriber. My bag was almost identical to yours except for the brush. In mine it was a blending one. Not terrible, but not great :/ The lotion was the best bit, by far.

    1. Woo hoo for Kentucky!
      “Not terrible, but not great” has been my feeling about ipsy for a couple bags now. I’m pretty sure I have enough eyeliner by now to last me for a good three years or so! Haha
      I totally agree about the lotion–I’ve been SO in love with that scent for years, so I was glad to get it. 🙂

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