VoxBox Review: Bath & Body Works Mini Candle

In my VoxBox, I got a Mahogany Teakwood mini candle from Bath & Body Works.  At 1.3 oz, these are little, but completely prosh.  Their current 2 for $5 deal would make them perfect little stocking stuffers.

This seems to burn well.  It’s been burning reasonably slow, which is great.   The scent itself is very masculine… to the point that anytime I catch a whiff of it, I think my boyfriend just took a shower or shaved.  It smells just like body wash or aftershave.  If the name makes you think of Ron Burgundy, don’t worry!  Think clean, contemporary man fragrance–not icky, musky, 70s stank.  This is really pleasant.

I’m a big fan of Bath & Body Works products; they have an amazing array of scents, so if you don’t like one, there are a dozen others waiting in the wings that you’ll love.  I don’t care much for this scent because it’s so masculine, but it would be a great gift for a man in my life.  And I’m sure I’d love this candle in one of the other awesome scents they offer it in!

3 responses to “VoxBox Review: Bath & Body Works Mini Candle”

  1. I love Bath and Body Works candles! My current favorite is Farmstand Apple — it’s sweet and crisp.

    I particularly love the mini candles because you can try so many for so little money. I find that I have to burn a candle for a while to know if I’m going to like it. I can’t just depend on sniffing it when it’s unlit. So I’ll buy a dozen minis to find the one I really love.

    These candles also burn a long time, considering their size. I’d say I get at least 16 hours out of each one. I also like to take them on business trips. They are very portable and they can really spruce up a hotel room.

    I usually stay away from any “musk” scents but if this is more clean than musky, maybe I’ll try it… man-scent notwithstanding!

  2. Oh — another thing I do is I’ll burn three different minis at once in the stand I bought. I love playing with the scent combinations.

    1. That’s brilliant! We were somewhere else sniffing a group of candles today, and all together, they smelled SO AMAZING, but no single candle appealed to us in the least.

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