It seems like the world is in a bit of a time warp.  Saturday, I went out grocery shopping at our Wal-mart Neighborhood Market and they were putting up their wreaths and Christmas trees.

Halloween hasn’t even happened yet!  Could this not wait one more week?  I’m no stranger to the Christmas Creep, and you know I mentally live a couple holidays in the future, but that’s a little silly.  I know that Thanksgiving is pretty entwined with the December holidays in most peoples’ minds, but why doesn’t it get to be celebrated in its own right?  Especially in a grocery store?

I have very real issues with anticipating holidays so long that the day itself goes by in a blur and I end up feeling a bit sad and disappointed when it’s all done.  I can’t help but wonder if the Creep is to blame.


4 responses to “Fastforward”

  1. I’m resigned.

    Fortunately in my neighborhood it’s very much still “Halloween” : jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs and big fake spiders. That matters more to me than what the stores are doing.

    1. I live in an apartment complex that’s in the middle of a really upper class neighborhood. There aren’t many decorations in my complex, and even fewer in the neighborhood around us. Boo hiss!
      Funny enough, there’s this over-the-top house near here that goes ALL OUT for Christmas and it’s just about time for them to start working on that.

  2. That’s funny because my sister lives in a really upper class neighborhood and their Halloween is off the hook! Almost every house has some kind of decoration, there’s at least 1 haunted house and the crowning glory is 4 houses in a row that execute this extended pirate theme. One house is Blackbeard’s galley and the other is the Jail and the third is the Tortuga. ( Can’t remember the fourth but you get the gist.) Reaaaally elaborate. This is the neighborhood people drive to for Halloween. For a couple of hours its like a giant block party.

    1. I wish I lived in a neighborhood like that! My mom grew up in a town in Ohio where Halloween was TWO nights and whole families would dress up or deck out their houses. Themed groups of houses… amaaazing! It sounds so dreamy to me!

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