Two home collections I’m currently lusting after…

I am a sucker for a fall/winter home décor collection. I admit this freely. I’m easy: you throw together some plaids, some stars and a few candleholders and you’ve got me. And if it’s cheap? Forget it, I’m in love. I just had to show somebody my new crushes. (And no, no affiliate links on … More Two home collections I’m currently lusting after…

Five Mother’s Day gifts that you’re going to want to steal

I got my mom something pretty cool this year, but I keep running across items that would be wonderful for moms (or anybody!) who needs a little cheer right now. I know it’s supposed to be a day just for your mom, but I’m a big supporter of the “It Takes a Village” style of … More Five Mother’s Day gifts that you’re going to want to steal

Thanksgiving Dreaming

It’s that time of year again!  I love to think about Thanksgiving abstractly, but usually, I run out of time and don’t get nearly as much done as I’d like.  Still, it’s nice to dream, right?


So my tree is a work-in-progress. I love my tinsel tree.  It’s pretty much one of my favourite purchases ever, in history.  It has a coloured light that shines up at it and illuminates it pretty nicely. First, we set it up and my roommate wanted to add some lights.  All of the lights we … More Tree

Thanksgiving Cometh!

So it hit me that today is the eleventh (a big thanks to our Veterans out there!) and I still don’t have a Thanksgiving plan. I sat up this Google Doc with dishes, who’s preparing them and some of the things we’ll need for each of them.  As Thanksgiving nears, I’ll go in and highlight … More Thanksgiving Cometh!


It seems like the world is in a bit of a time warp.  Saturday, I went out grocery shopping at our Wal-mart Neighborhood Market and they were putting up their wreaths and Christmas trees. Halloween hasn’t even happened yet!  Could this not wait one more week?  I’m no stranger to the Christmas Creep, and you … More Fastforward