Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Winter 2015


That’s right folks, it’s Fortune Cookie Soap Box time. And the theme this month is based around one of my newIMG_0917 favourite Christmas movies… ELF! As a little bonus, they tucked a mini candy cane into my box, but it got obliterated in shipping. Everything was packed with white, translucent and blue paper zigzags with a handful of matching snowflake sequins.

The Overall – Some of these scents were really, really not for me, which is always a disappointment. I actually noticed that reviews of their last winter box had a couple of products that were big misses for a lot of folks, so maybe they just get a little too excited with the combinations this time of year.

Fortune Cookie Soap in Buddy – This was the first thing I smelled on opening the box. I don’t LOVE this scent, as there’s this sharp, almost stringent note that totally overwhelms the other scents. Still, this is the absolute cutest thing with the little red pom pon. My fortune: “What’s your favorite color?”

Dry Shampoo in Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins – This is supposed to smell like fruits and florals, but to my nose, it’s a near-perfect dupe of my mom’s dryer sheets right now! That’s actually not the worst thing in the world. I like the texture of this. It’s just a bit gritty, which makes it superior to the plain ol’ cornstarch I typically use.

IMG_0913Face Plant in Christmas Gram – This has notes of lavender, backed with a soft spiciness. I’m not sure I’ll ever use it as intended (in a bowl of warm water with a towel over my head), but I dropped a couple in the floor of my IMG_0921shower and it was a nice, soothing scent.

Whipped Cream in World’s Best Cup of Coffee – So disappointing! In the pot, this smells like a milky, sweetened, stale fake coffee scent. Rubbed on, the scent goes into a yucky, cheap cherry with a whiff of maple. It’s so gross.

Bath Bomb in Yellow Snow – I haven’t used this in the bath, but sniffing the bomb, I catch whiffs of citrus tempered by woods. It reminds me of being in the snow, so huge success!

OCD Hand Sanitizer in Swirly Twirly Gumdrops – This was definitely a sugary scent. I catch the currants, cranberry and cotton candy notes. It’s not overwhelming as a hand sanitizer, so I think I’ll use it this holiday season.

Perfume Oil in FCS Cheer – This was a tricky scent for me. It bounces around a bit. I catch a buttery cake smell, but it’s quickly followed by this dry, musky scent that’s wrapped up in sugar. The cedar kind of sneaks in and it’s very confusing. I feel like I would so much prefer this without the patchouli, frankincense and cedar.

Shave Oil in Shower Duet – I’d call this a unisex scent, but I could see it being favoured by fans of “masculine” scents. This reminded me of spruce boughs and cut cedar wood. It’s a very nice skin oil.


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