Plus size shopping : Blazed

blaeI love blazers. I know they’re probably meant to be fussy office wear, but I tend to think that the right blazer is one that offers comfort, warmth and style to any outfit. And I think blazers need to find their footing in more casual outfits.

Fine and Sandy Blazer in Burgundy Velvet (more colours available: $79.99) – I love velvet jackets. They add lovely texture to an outfit and I truly think they go with everything, from jeans and a tee to sweet dresses, and beyond.

Plaid Open Front Blazer ($58.50) – This plaid is subtle enough to be nearly neutral.

Jersey Blazer (more colours available: $49.94) – The styling here is spot-on! You get that great sweater feel, but with a bit more structure.

Blazer in Crepe with Slim Lapel ($81.00) – The tuxedo look of this is fantastic and more versatile than you might think!

Domino Jacket ($89.00) – The contrast of this would be killer with a black pencil skirt.

Soft Peplum Jacket ($69.95) – The red shade and the flirty peplum make this striking, but the textured fabric makes it perfect for the office.

2 responses to “Plus size shopping : Blazed”

  1. I love blazers too — on somebody else. For some reason I can’t make them work for me. 😦
    I love the velvet blazer pictured above.

    1. I have a terrible history with blazers that are A+ perfect when I’m standing up and F- when I sit down because I can’t be bothered to unbutton the darn thing. If I get one of the open blazers or leave it unbuttoned all the time, I feel super boxy. Haha

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