My Glam/Ipsy Review: October 2012

This bag game in three days and shipped on the 10th.  So much speedier shipping, but I think that was thanks to the SmartPost-esque shipping.

The Bag – It’s a black and white chevron with a bright red zipper.  I think it looks SO GOOD.  I don’t tend to equate chevron with bombshell, but the black, white and red are spot on!

the Balm What’s Your Type mascara in The Body Builder – This mascara is lovely.  It has a curvy brush that made my lashes both thicker and longer–they’re batting against my glasses as I type!  Love love love.

Be a Bombshell eyeliner in Onyx – This eyeliner is a thick marker.  It’s a little tricky for that reason (I tend to line my eyes with the marker turned on its side.)  Liquid liner tends to bleed along the little creases of my eyelids, but this stuff goes on and stays put pretty nicely.

Coastal Scents eyeshadow quad Set 2 – When I saw the preview of this, I thought it would be larger.  The pans are just a bit bigger than an M&M.  I’ll review these shades separately.  Bright Yellow is a bright yellow, a bit darker than a crayon.  Without primer, it doesn’t have very good payoff.  Jewel Green has lovely payoff and is a nice mermaidy teal.  Gypsy Gold is a brownish gold with a sheer application, which is nice as a shader.  Dark Golden Olive is an almost black-olive-brown.  The application is a bit sheer.  It would be nice for a smoky eye.

Mirenesse Lip Bomb in 4 – This is a pink that’s believable as a red lip.  I applied it without reading the packaging, so I just thought it was a nice, thick gloss.  It’s not terribly sticky and it’s slightly minty.  It’s a lip stain, and stain it does.  I keep marking myself with it on accident!  I keep accidentally brushing my lips, so I get little rubs of it on my hands and nose and everywhere.  Now, would I pay $35 for it, ever?  Oh my God, no, not ever for any lip gloss, ever.  EVER.

Pequi Oil hair shine treatment – This smells somewhat coconutty.  A little goes a long way.  I use these products, but it’s hard for me to be terrifically excited about them.

The verdict? – This bag was so exciting.  I watched the sneak preview spoiler images on the Ipsy Facebook page, and each one was more exciting than the last.  I pulled these out and started reviewing them right away, which I normally don’t do.  I did a whole face, which I normally either can’t do for lack of product or simply don’t have the immediate desire to do.  This bag was FUN!

The Ipsy (still can’t get over that dumb name) team promises that the next bag is just as exciting.  I really hope so.


Edit: The yellow eyeshadow is amazing over primer–perfectly yellow!  The lipgloss has garnered about a billion compliments.  This bag is a huge success!

3 responses to “My Glam/Ipsy Review: October 2012”

  1. Ok I FINALLY got a chance to try this box. I was out of town when it arrived and then busy at a conference and didn’t have any time for make-up experimentation until today.

    The mascara: My mascara brush wasn’t “curved” as much as it was “missing in the middle”. I assumed they were going for the “random bristle lengths” approach. I prefer thick brushes like Bad Girl Lash from Benefit. The formula was very “wet” as well which is not something I consider inherently bad, just something I will have to combine with a drier formula. ( I’m a multi-mascara user. I use at least 2 mascaras at a time.) I’ll use it but I doubt I’ll purchase it.

    The eyeliner: liquid eyeliner and I have a rocky history. We have never gotten along. I have tried an endless array over the years and they either are so dry it feels like I’m trying to tattoo my eyelids or they’re so wet I wind up with a big sloppy mess. I know its a personal problem because I’ve seen many other people use them successfully so every 2 years… sigh…I try again. This box happened to coincide with yet-another-try and this time I was motivated not to replace my precious Mac Blacktrack gel eyeliner but to supplement it. I have a hard time getting a really sharp point when I wing that liner out and I thought this was something the right liquid liner could help with.

    Sadly this is not the right liner. It makes a nice line on my hand but not my eyelid ( why eyelid? why? what is wrong with you??) and it’s too thick to get the fine point I’m looking for. (Happily though I recently purchased a Stila eyeliner that seems like it will do the trick! )

    The eyeshadows, lip gloss and hair oil: These are just ‘meh’ to me. I have the Coastal Scents 88 palette so 4 more of their eyeshadows don’t excite me. I don’t care for the color of the gloss and as you pointed out hair oil is not terribly thrilling.


    I was and still am excited to get these boxes! (Bags, whatever.) It’s a big improvement over the “eco” box I was getting before. ( I mean, talk about lackluster products that can barely function. ) I can’t wait until next month.

    (Oh – and yes, the name is super stupid. )

    1. Ooh! Conference! I don’t know whether I’m envious or full of sympathy. I’ve been awfully cooped up at work! 😛
      The thing about MyGlam/Ipsy is that even on the worst months, I still feel okay about being subscribed. Next month, they should be coordinating the bags to the profile/quiz that is on the site, so it’ll be interesting to see how that weighs at least into the colours of the products.
      My eyelids are wrinkly and oily, so eyeliner and I don’t get along at all, but I LOVE the look of it. I have better luck with thinner markers, but I’ve done a couple of good lines with this marker. I definitely agree that the mascara was awfully wet; I have new glasses and they sit close to my eyes and I have to wait to put my glasses on or I end up with black specks on my lenses! I had always seen the Coastal Scents palette and assumed that the shadows had to be middling quality considering the price. I was pretty excited to get this sampler because it proved me wrong. Over primer, these colours are very strong.
      My previous glam bags have had a lot of lotions and hair oils. And I’m always just like “meh.” I get that others might love that sort of thing, but I really just don’t care. Especially since the full-size products are often wicked pricey.

  2. […] Scents Sampler Palette – I got a Coastal Scents sampler back in October.  Three of this one’s shades were in that one.  And the fourth shade was better back in […]

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