Ipsy November 2014

Another month, another bag. The Theme: "Girl Meets Glitter", but the contents of my bag were absolutely no more glittery than usual.  I think they offered one glitter nail polish and everything else was either slightly frosty or not glitter at all.  And man, am I alone in just viscerally disliking their current beauty "gurus"?  They [...]

Ipsy Review: December 2012

So I just realized that I should be getting a tracking number from Ipsy within a day or two, but that I never reviewed my December bag.  Sorry, folks.  The flu took precedent.  I'll keep this (relatively) brief.The Bag - It's smaller in height than other bags, but it's the first I've gotten that's wide. [...]

My Glam/Ipsy Review: October 2012

This bag game in three days and shipped on the 10th.  So much speedier shipping, but I think that was thanks to the SmartPost-esque shipping. The Bag - It's a black and white chevron with a bright red zipper.  I think it looks SO GOOD.  I don't tend to equate chevron with bombshell, but the [...]