Review: Candy

Milky Way Caramel Apple!

The first bite offers a nice whiff of real apple and chocolate.  It’s a faint flavor.  It’s nothing like those caramel apple suckers, which smack of fake apple sweetness.  These have a little cinnamon in them, so it’s reminiscent of apple cider.  You can actually see the flecks of cinnamon in the caramel—it’s not a lot, which is good!  The nougat on its own doesn’t taste like much, mostly leaving a creamy, vanillay taste.  I was told that this is where the apple flavor is, but I don’t really detect it in the nougat on its own.  It’s some sort of cumulative effect, I suppose.  Anyway, I think the apple impression is just enough to make it a different treat, but still hard to hate.  I think it’s worth a try!

M&M’s “Candy Corn”

First, let me get this out there: they’re not try to recreate a candy corn flavor, from what I can tell.  These are orange and yellow M&Ms with white chocolate centers.  I will say that when I opened the bag, there was a whiff of candy corn.  I’ve been wanting white chocolate M&Ms since ever, so I was really excited to try these.  Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed.  I should think that expecting the white chocolate in these to be like anything I’d eat alone would be like thinking I’d ever eat M&Ms chocolate as a bar.  Not so much.  It’s over-sweet, to the point that you can actually see the sugar in the chocolate when you cut one in half.  I don’t think you should waste your bucks on this.  SAD TROMBONE.

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