So yes, I heckled some abortion protesters today.
Their signs were just so stupid. In front of the parade of them were women carrying signs “I regret my abortion.” I’m genuinely sorry that you had to experience that situation and regret, but why should that make me want to outlaw abortion? The fact that YOU regretted your choice is awful, but not a reason for me to defund it.
Behind them were women carrying signs that said “Women regret their abortions.” Well no shit. Even people who were glad to have it done regret that it had to be done. Even women whose lives were saved by abortions (more on that later) regret that it happened. The women up there regret their’s. Still not a reason to make it illegal.
And then the “Abortion kills people” signs. War kills people. Walking too close to traffic kills people. Life kills people. Abortion terminates fetuses. Even if that fetus is a life, it doesn’t have a life. It doesn’t have obligations, families to take care of or grander things to do in the world, not yet.
But abortion sometimes saves lives. And those lives are worth saving. Those lives have lives; they have children who need fed, jobs that need done, friends who love them. Those lives are more important. And that’s a statement I stand by. Theoretical magical “potential” of a life is a moot point; there’s a life that already serves a role and needs protecting here.
Not every abortion is medically necessary. Most of them aren’t. But some of them are. And those abortions at very least should be funded, should be legal and should be easily accessible.
This isn’t an issue of morality or faith or ethics. You can lose two lives or one.
Likewise, defunding Planned Parenthood means preventing women from getting access to cervical cancer screenings, mammograms and STI/STD treatments. Those people can either die from their diseases (and spread them,) or those lives can be saved. It’s up to you, voter.

Edit to add: I want to put this out there. I FEEL how important your convictions are to you, whether they’re religious or moral. I acknowledge that importance. But I feel like religious and moral objections shouldn’t block anyone’s access to healthcare when it’s necessary. In other circumstances, I believe it’s more murky. But I want to be able to have a blood transfusion, for instance.

2 responses to “Heckling”

  1. Great post. I am totally on the same page with you. I definitely do not believe abortion should be used as a form of “birth control”, but there are times I feel it may be necessary. I do not feel like a rape victim should have to be burden or traumatized further by carrying her violators child. I also agree that a woman’s who’s life is in danger and could be saved with the procedure should have that option. I think there are some people in the world who just do not see the whole picture. Things are not always so black and white.

    1. I met a girl who was on her third abortion at 19. Which to most people, sounds like an outrage. But her story broke my heart, and it wasn’t even a tragic story–just unfortunate. She had been with her boyfriend for several years. The first time, they were just using condoms. The second time, she was on the pill. The third time, her mother had been supervising her taking the pill for three months, just to make sure this didn’t happen. And she was really sad because she KNEW she wanted to be a mother, just not yet. Not now. And I really believed it wasn’t her fault. And nevermind what I would or wouldn’t do in that situation, I couldn’t imagine telling her “No. You HAVE to have this baby NOW. You don’t have any choice.”
      Nevermind the women who go through things more traumatic or whose health is at stake.

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