Adding happy by subtracting Facebook

I joined way back when it was The Facebook. Only students at approved colleges and universities could join. Everyone on my "Friends" list was an actual person that I had met, and generally someone I had spoken face-to-face with at least once a month. We could draw doodles on each other's walls and I had [...]

What I Learned About Getting Famous from the Kim Kardashian App

So Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is an app that exists (here on Google Play, as well).  The premise of the game is that you are new to Hollywood and by meeting Kim Kardashian, you are suddenly welcome to a world of gaming the players to instantly become famous.  Naturally.You work at a clothing store, and Kim [...]

But I Want to Know!

I don't know why I care so much. Whenever I meet someone, I must know within a few moments a short list of important personality and lifestyle features; their preferred gender, their relative age, a general category for their sense of humor and a vague impression of their sexual orientation. While I'm a staunch postmodernist, [...]