A TMI Story: Yes, I am a Five Year Old at Heart

Last year, my roommate and I were eating at Stake N Shake one night, and a few actors from a local haunted house were there.  They caught our eye and gave us coupons to come to the haunted house.  They asked our names and said they’d remember ’em.

So we went.

One of the actors is a “slider”, with a special rig that’s pretty much a rollerskate for his knees.  It lets him slide across the floor really fast and make quite a ruckus, which scares everyone he rolls up on.

I have no idea what I’d eaten, but I was really gassy.  So I broke wind.

And then, to my horror, came the sound.  Not but five seconds after I passed gas, the slider’s face was right in my butt.

… and yes, they remembered our names.

4 responses to “A TMI Story: Yes, I am a Five Year Old at Heart”

  1. Hahahahahaha!! This is great. Ohhhh Dootsie something tells me they still remember your names.

    1. Too paranoid of me to suspect that we’re on some secret “do not admit” list now?

  2. Sorry to be laughing so hard at this moment, but it’s funny. Not at the moment, I know I would have been mortified, but it’s funny after the fact. I mean it took me over 4 years before I let one go in front of my bf. Thanks for sharing, we all need a good laugh.

    1. Oh no, I wouldn’t post if I didn’t want you all to enjoy a wholly inappropriate amount of laughter.
      I’m pretty biologically honest with people I know well, but people I don’t know? Makes me want to hide in a hole for a year.

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