An adjustment

I thought I’d share my first chiropractic adjustment experience! My first adjustment came at the end of my “results” appointment, wherein we discussed my x-rays. He asked me to nod my head (I experienced a little crunching noise), then march in place. When I stopped, he checked my posture. He had me lie down and … More An adjustment

In which Dootsie visits a chiropractor, or, is this quackery?

At the Pride festival a few weekends ago, I drunkenly stumbled into the booth of a local chiropractor. The lady operating the booth had such a calming presence that I listened to her pitch and ended up putting down a payment on an appointment. WHOOPS! I had the opportunity to cancel the appointment and refund my … More In which Dootsie visits a chiropractor, or, is this quackery?

Seven ways to learn to try foods you think you hate

So I hate a lot of food. While it’s completely true that I’m a picky asshole, a lot of the foods I hate are a stomach-turning aversion rather than a “I don’t liiiiiiIIIIiiIIIIIIke that” whine. They also tend to be “healthy” or “clean” foods. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of “junk” foods I … More Seven ways to learn to try foods you think you hate

A Year of More

I’ve never been one for resolutions.  Sometimes, I made them when forced for a class assignment or scrawled my intent to date a cute boy in my journal.  I treated the tradition with equal amounts of disdain and annoyance.  Why lie to yourselves?  Why buy into the notion that we should reinvent ourselves every 365.25 … More A Year of More

Thanksgiving Dreaming

It’s that time of year again!  I love to think about Thanksgiving abstractly, but usually, I run out of time and don’t get nearly as much done as I’d like.  Still, it’s nice to dream, right?


It seems like the world is in a bit of a time warp.  Saturday, I went out grocery shopping at our Wal-mart Neighborhood Market and they were putting up their wreaths and Christmas trees. Halloween hasn’t even happened yet!  Could this not wait one more week?  I’m no stranger to the Christmas Creep, and you … More Fastforward

Autumn Pursuits

Colonel Squashbuttle This morning, I was feeling a bit of remorse about how few fall-related things my boyfriend and I have done so far this season.  But on reviewing the list, we’ve actually done pretty well! Bake all the pumpkin things!  I’ve only made bread so far, and it was actually a bit of a … More Autumn Pursuits