An adjustment

neckI thought I’d share my first chiropractic adjustment experience!

My first adjustment came at the end of my “results” appointment, wherein we discussed my x-rays. He asked me to nod my head (I experienced a little crunching noise), then march in place. When I stopped, he checked my posture. He had me lie down and checked my leg evenness (my legs are relatively the same length, but one hip sits sliiiightly higher). He had me lie down and felt my spine in my neck and identified the bone he wanted to move.

When he got me ready to do the adjustment, he actually warned me: “Please don’t judge your entire chiropractic experience on this adjustment.” Fair enough. He had me lay on my side. The chiropractor’s table has pieces that pop up and drop down. He popped the headrest up so that I was in a position like I was sleeping on my side. With the flip of a lever, the headrest–and my head–dropped down so that it was below the line of the rest of my spine. No noise in my spine, no discomfort. I was a little confused, but he sounded like that went exactly as expected, so?

Next, he pushed slightly on the bone, then did this hopping push on it. There was actually very little pressure. And that was it. He felt the bone, checked my leg length and had me nod my head then march in place. No pain, no discomfort. What I did notice? My neck didn’t crunch. Neat! He said he noticed a difference in my posture, but I wasn’t so sure.

I’m still excited to see what future appointments bring.

4 responses to “An adjustment”

  1. Fascinating! Even more enjoyable that’s not MY spine! LOL.
    So was your neck popping all the time?
    I’m confused by this statement:
    “Please don’t judge your entire chiropractic experience on this adjustment.”
    You only had 1 adjustment during your appointment, no? What else were you going to judge it on? The lollipop he gave you afterward? Or was he trying to suggest if the adjustment didn’t do anything you should try another appointment?

    1. My neck would crack a little when it was bent toward the extremes–down to my chest or all the way to the left, for instance.
      It was an INCREDIBLY light adjustment and it would’ve been SO easy to misread it as him doing absolutely nothing to my spine. But when I noticed that my neck wasn’t making those cracking sounds, I was pretty satisfied. I could see someone else being way confused about what happened or thinking the dude was just a total quack. Haha And my next adjustment was also WAY more intense, so if I were expecting every adjustment to be as easy as the first… naaaaaaaaaah.

      1. Ohhhh ok I get it now.

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