Hamptons Lane Box Review: American Breakfast

breakfastTold you I was interested in mixing things up! Hamptons Lane is a food/culinary subscription box. It’s $49/mo, but you can skip any month you like. The best part? The offer full spoilers every month before the “skip it” date, so you never have to be disappointed with a box.

The box themes range from a cuisine (Italian/pasta) to something downright cheeky (one month, the theme was Fifty Shades of Chicken, complete with twine for trussing up your bird!)

Each box comes with culinary tools, edibles and recipes you can make using the box contents. The recipes do require other ingredients and equipment not included in the box, but it’s typically easily-accessible stuff.

Interested in this box? You can take $10 off your first box with this referral link (you can use the $10 off on ordering a past box, or apply it to the next box when subscribing.)

I picked the American Breakfast box because I really, really wanted the skillet.

Lodge Cast Iron 6.5″ Skillet ($20 value) OMG so adorbs. Lodge skillets are great quality and come pre-seasoned. This is the perfect size for making breakfast for yourself.

Perfect Poach! Egg Poaching Papers ($6 value for 20 papers) – This is honestly something I never would’ve purchased myself. I feel like it’s a bit of a unitasker and I’ve always just avoided the fuss of poaching eggs by frying the suckers. These papers will cut down on some bacon fat in my brunch.

Custom Maple Syrup Trio by Crown Maple Syrup ($20 value, 3 mini bottles) I don’t know if I would’ve pegged the value quite this high, but good maple syrup is like gold to me. There were two bottles of “Dark Amber” and one bottle of “Medium Amber”, which translates to a difference in the richness of the syrups.

Muirhead Pumpkin Pecan Butter ($12) – Holy moly. I live for all things pumpkin. This will make a nice spread for biscuits, pancakes or sweet rolls.

Southern Culture Artisan Foods Bourbon Salted Pecan Pancakes & Waffle Mix ($8) – This came smashed and the bag was popped, so I’m waiting on Hamptons Lane support to hear what they can do for me. This smells nice, but other reviews said that the flavour wasn’t as strong as they hoped.

$10 Credit from MistoBox – MistoBox is a coffee subscription service. This was a nice little bonus to the box value.

The Overall? – I’m really pleased with this box, aside from the crushed pancake mix. But I knew I would be! I’ve eyeballed this service for a while and finally decided to treat myself for my birthday. Hurray! I don’t think I’ll be getting this every month. It’s a bit on the pricey side, though the value is definitely there. I’m also just not interested in ending up with a gazillion little kitchen tools, as much as I may love them!

2 responses to “Hamptons Lane Box Review: American Breakfast”

    I get Blue Apron from time-to-time so you know this is right up my alley. I’ll be sure to try this out as soon as I get home from my latest business trip.
    Thanks, Doots!

    1. Awesome! Glad I could introduce you to this one.
      I’m really excited to get some of the little pantry ingredients that I would absolutely never buy myself. I tend to be a really “safe” shopper, only buying weird stuff if my boyfriend is really excited about it, or if it’s on sale.

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