5 Gratitudes, 5 Goals

rainbowI posted this on Tumblr, but I thought I’d expand on it here. Please share your gratitudes and goals! I’d love to know about your years behind and years ahead! 🙂

2015 Gratitudes:

  1. I learned a little bit more about my own tenacity. I experienced a–in the grand scheme of things–small personal crisis in November/December, and I faced it with calm. If this had been years past, I don’t think I would’ve kept it together. I’m still healing, but I’m proud of myself.
  2. My relationship has grown deeper and more solid than ever. We’re learning more about our pressure points and how to avoid them… and how to take jokes from each other. It’s great.
  3. I was blessed with a ton of completely overwhelming, heart-warming support. When I need it, folks are there. In person and on the internet. I’m incredibly grateful for that.
  4. I was presented with some new challenges at work. I learned a lot and I feel proud of what I’ve accomplished. There were times when I feel like my work wasn’t as appreciated by others at it could’ve been, but my own gratitude and pride? It’s real.
  5. I published some fanfiction! And I’m actually proud! Which is weird but whatever! Because it’s something I wrote entirely for me. I’ll add, too, that I started a novel maybe.

2016 Goals:

  1. Get more witchy! I want to learn and practice more. This was a goal last year, but I’ve got more specific goals in mind this year. Not the least of which? I want to make a wand! Another goal is to read more about witchcraft, and I’ve bought myself some interesting ebooks.
  2. Write more. Keep writing for fun, keep writing for enjoyment. This includes blogging.
  3. Find a way to make my website at least make a little money. (Step one: more content beyond beauty box reviews. I know, I know.) My initial hope was for ad revenue pay the domain’s keep and that hasn’t happened yet.
  4. Connect more. I’m dreadful at keeping in touch. I’ve already started working on this, but I want to keep going.
  5. Employ my empathy more often. I tend to stay closed off because I end up overwhelmed with feelings, but it’s not helping me in the long run. This goes with #4 for sure.

4 responses to “5 Gratitudes, 5 Goals”

  1. This is a great post! I will have to think about my 5-n-5s.

    1. Thanks! If you ever make a list, I’d love to hear it!

  2. Ok Imma start with the goals. I kinda had a shitty year last year and I’m not feeling any specific gratitudes other than “gee I’m glad I’m not begging on the street” ( which I am in fact totally grateful for ). What I mean is I can’t think of anything beyond “well I’m glad it wasn’t worse”.

    2016 Goals:
    1. Get less witchy! And by that I mean the other meaning of the word : be less critical. (Mostly of myself.)
    2. Connect more. I feel like from a social standpoint my life contracts a little every year. I need to reverse that trend. ( Not easy when you’re an introvert! )
    3. Get out more. More social functions. (See #2)
    4. Be more active. Just like my social life, my “active” life also seems to contract every year. I’m not a brain in a jar — there’s a corporeal body that needs attention too.
    5. Be more focused in my work. Every year I plow through a lot of work and a certain percentage of it is not… well, valuable. My goal is to reduce that percentage.

    1. Number 5 is a huge one. I feel better all-around when my work is important, valued, valuable and–let’s be honest–interesting enough to talk about afterwards.
      Connecting is a big one for me. I’m a wretched introvert and I forget that being NEAR people is not the same as connecting with people. Or that thinking about them and thinking about buying them a gift doesn’t somehow make an interaction actually happen in the cosmos? Haha

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