Some questions you all have or how they Googled me

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 1.57.28 PMI checked the searches that led to my blog, and apparently, I have a few questions to answer.

(First, let me just say that I am beyond psyched that my fans are clearly fat bisexuals who love Trader Joe’s. #fuckyes #mybrand)

“are my arms too fat for sleeveless”
No. You can absolutely wear a sleeveless shirt. Not so confident about rocking sleeveless? Me neither. When I’m trying a new outfit that I’m not totally confident in, I give it a “soft run” at the grocery store or on a day adventure with friends. The more you wear something, the more comfortable you’ll feel in it. If you’re absolutely unsure about sleeveless, try some pieces that have sheer, lacy or split sleeves that only show off some of your arm.
But listen, I’m not tryin’ to YOLO you, but I regret all the cute shit that I never wore because I was worried what somebody else might think.

“bisexual in kim kardashian game” “can you be bi in kim kardashian hollywood”
YES! Kim will ask you early on if you’re more into girls or boys, and you do have to choose one (ugh, why?) and she’ll then send you on a date with a girl/guy. But after that, it’s totally up to you! As far as I’ve seen, there’s no negatives that will happen to you if you date both men and women.
As for polyamory? I’m not sure if you can marry multiple people at once, but you can certainly date multiple people. But just like real life, it takes a lot of time management to juggle your dates and make them all feel loved. If they feel neglected, they will break up with you.

“corn salsa like trader joe’s”
My review of Trader Joe’s corn salsa is over here, along with a recipe. That recipe employs fresh cilantro, but I just noticed that the jar uses coriander seeds. I prefer fresh cilantro, but for a more authentic version, make that substitution.

“gallbladder surgery experience”
Posts on that are here and here. Advice on how I’m eating here (I’ll probably update with a new post soon). But my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Now, that doesn’t mean that your experience will be as smooth. But for me, it was completely worth doing.

“gwynnie bee review size 18”
I’m a size 24, but my darling size 18? You will have so much fun. Every piece they offer is available in your size, and most will look SO DARN CUTE on you. Trust me. Reviews of my experience as a size 24 with picky tastes in clothes here and here (most recent post, and my current thoughts on the service!)

“trader joe’s vindaloo”
YAS. GET IT. My current recommendation is to just get one of everything that Trader Joe’s offers in the way of Indian cuisine. It’s all relatively inexpensive, delicious and surprisingly wonderful. The frozen naan is amazing (the paneer-stuffed naan is a can’t-miss!) Aside from the naan, it’s all cooked in the microwave and comes out flawless. Seriously, can’t recommend it enough!

2 responses to “Some questions you all have or how they Googled me”

  1. How about traffic from OBE? Can you see any of that?

    1. I can! Since I haven’t been commenting very often (bad Dootsie!) or doing any guest posts, there isn’t much. But I always notice a spike when I’m active over there!

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