Chiropractic: Week 1

This was my first full week of chiropractic adjustments and therapy.

What’s Been Done: On Monday, he adjusted my mid back. On Wednesday and Thursday, he adjusted my mid back, neck and coccyx. After each adjustment, I do 12 minutes of back stretching, 7 minutes of vibration, 12 minutes of wobbling and now up to 60 reps of neck stretches (!! ow my thighs!) I’ve also been given a few really simple stretches to do at home nightly–two reps each, two times a day.

How I Feel: Different every day. I can tell that I feel more mobile and flexible. After my last two sessions, I left feeling pretty tuckered out. I can tell that having two days of chiropractic back-to-back is just going to be a challenge for me. I’m a little sore right now. I’m more aware of my spine that I’ve ever been in my life. I’m also noticing that my back is less tense than usual–unless I let myself get still. If I slump around too long, I feel totally tight and uncomfortable. That’s… good? bad? weird?

How I’m Feeling About Chiropractic: I just don’t know yet. I keep going back and forth with myself about whether I want to complete the care. My insurance pays for everything for several more appointments, so I figure I should at least complete what’s paid for. Right? I’m just sure that a lot of the feeling better aspect is due to the stretching rather than the actual chiropractic care. At the same time, some pretty serious changes could be happening in my body that I just don’t notice or feel. So I’m still with it for now, anyway.

2 responses to “Chiropractic: Week 1”

  1. Yes you should definitely keep going because I’m awaiting the next installment on this series. LOL.

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