ipsy April 2015

fileAssetI’m just realizing that I never reviewed my April glam bag. Why? WELLL…

Two of my products were defective. TWO. After March, when I felt like two of my products were underfilled, I decided to contact ipsyCare. They said that they’d weighed the products from May and they should’ve been correct and that I was just seeing a “settled” product, but I don’t feel like that’s true at all. I didn’t feel like arguing the point, so I let it go. ipsyCare, as always, was happy to send me replacement products for the two items from April. I got a can of Oscar Blandi heat protectant spray and a lip gloss that I didn’t care for. It was nice of them, but mostly I want them to be aware that their partner companies have some quality control issues.

The overall: I really loved the theme of Bohemian Beauty, and I think the bag was really cute. Aside from the quality control issues I’ll go into below, I think the products were cleverly curated to the theme.

JulieG Nail Color in Damsel (full size $4): This is a bright pink creme shade that I could really see festival kids wearing. The formula isn’t amazing, but it wears nicely. Ipsy sent me a bottle from this brand ages ago that I loved, so I think I’m a fan!

Olive Natural Beauty Lip Balm in Oats & Honey (full size $6): This goes on kind of thick and waxy, but I actually really like it. This came to me during a really nasty bout of seasonal allergies that left me coughing and breathing through my mouth a lot. This stuff saved me! The scent is kind of distracting, and I feel like it smells more like dry oats than anything–not unpleasant, but kind of odd to keep catching whiffs of. I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to order this, and the tube is a bit small for the price, but I think it’s a solid product that folks who like “natural” products should really check out.

the Balm Cosmetics NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single in Flirty (sample – full size palette $36): the Balm just makes good products and I love their sample packaging. This was a violety nude with shimmer. It went on somewhat sheer, but it would have a nice buildable coverage.

KCO Colors Cream Lipstick in Natural Born Beauty (full size $8): I just have to laugh even typing this. When I opened this, the tube fell apart in my hands. The base fell off completely. That’s hilariously bad, but the product is worse. It smells and feels extremely cheap, with this chalky, waxy, kindergarten paint smell that is common among really cheap products. That they’re charging $8 is so laughable. When the bottom broke off, I noticed that it was actually filled with the lipstick–even this company knows it’s fine to waste this garbage lipstick. The shade was fine, a shade somewhere between mauve and coral if you can imagine. But the product was just trash.

MicaBeauty Eye Primer (sample – full size $45): You know it’s bad when the ipsy sends you an email about a product before you even receive your bag. Apparently, the company had some trouble packaging these samples, resulting in pock marks and discoloration on the surface of the product. They said the company tested the product and said there was no mould on the surface of the product, but to my eye, it looked tinged with green. Maybe that was air bubbles, maybe it wasn’t, but I wasn’t risking it. This sample is exactly half the size of their full size. For what should be $22 worth of product, I just expect better.

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