Hooray art!

The massive walls of my office have been bare since we moved into this building in… 2011? Ish? All along, I’ve been waffling around about what to hang. I didn’t want to mess up the paint–it’s this delightful sagey blue green–unless I was sure of the configuration. I’ve been feeling Pinspired to do a mish-mash wall with eclectic art arranged smartly.

A local auction site had this great lot of four bits of art with scant cohesion among them, and I jumped on it.

My tentative plan is to hang these, along with some pieces I’ve purchased or created over the years, as well as some pieces by my boyfriend. I anticipate that it will end up being pretty weird, but that’s perfect for me. I’m wondering if I should do a wall of watercolours and a wall of “other” art, or if I should just lay it all out on the floor together and see what I like. Either way, pictures will surely follow.

3 thoughts on “Hooray art!

  1. Ooooo I think I like all of them!
    It’s hard to tell which one is my favorite because when I click on them then don’t… embiggen.
    Hopefully you’ll have more pictures up soon!

      1. It’s working now. It’s close but I think I like HA Vlasak’s scene the best.

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