So I recently moved my site to its own domain. Let’s talk about why.

WordPress doesn’t allow advertising on their free blogs.  They sometimes run advertisements on them, yet bloggers aren’t allowed to have any of that profit.  In order to upgrade to the point that you can run ads on a WordPress-hosted blog, you have to pay $500-$1000/month.  I wasn’t going to generate that kind of revenue ever.  But I really wanted to be able to offset the cost of my dot com, and possibly a subscription service with ad revenue.  So I made the switch.

I’m now blogging on an installed, managed version of WordPress.  That should mean that posts are appearing seamlessly and everything should be totally familiar to you.  There is a new blog layout running (feedback?) and you might see some ads starting next week or so.  If you hate it or if you see some ad content that you don’t like, let me know.

I plan to blog more frequently and more about my life.  I’m amping up some learning projects for 2015, so I’ll be sharing my progress.  (Current plans involve spit, soup beans and a moonstone.  If that doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what will!)

2 responses to “New!”

  1. Spit, soup beans and moonstones? Sexxxxy. Can’t wait.

    1. I like to make it sexy 😉

      And–THANK YOU for reading my blog, commenting and generally being such a delight.

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