• New!

    So I recently moved my site to its own domain. Let’s talk about why. WordPress doesn’t allow advertising on their free blogs.  They sometimes run advertisements on them, yet bloggers aren’t allowed to have any of that profit.  In order to upgrade to the point that you can run ads on a WordPress-hosted blog, you have… Continue reading

  • I wish that were it.

    If it were, I could just shut off the light, shut my eyes, beg you to shut your eyes.  I could lose myself in the darkness, swallow down the bile and contort my face into something like a grin.  I could let myself believe your compliments, your attempts to soothe me, your attempts to make… Continue reading

  • Living

    The gulf between knowing what the “right” thing to do is, and the decision whether or not to do it. Continue reading

  • Comfort

    It’s incredible how comforting something completely trivial can be. Continue reading