Walmart Beauty Box Review

I realized I never told you guys about this box!

This quarterly box is “free” from Walmart–you just pay for shipping.  For those of us in the U.S., I believe it’s $5.  You never get a tracking code or notification when you’re billed/when the box ships, which I wish they would change.  The next box will likely ship at the end of this month or very early next month.  They don’t currently make any promises regarding the number of full-size items, nor do they state that items will continue to be exclusive to the beauty category.

The Overall? – I’m incredibly pleased with this box.  It’s the introductory box for them, which are often much cooler than subsequent months.  I think that because Walmart has pretty tight partnerships with the brands they carry, the quality of the box will continue to be pretty decent.  Since few things in their beauty department dip below $1, I’m guessing the value will always be there.

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Glossy Balm in Lovely Mocha (full size, $7 value) – In the tube, this looks very brown, but on my lips, it’s slightly pink and mid-level sheer.  The texture is really nice and moist at first, but if you keep grinding, you can feel a little chalkiness.  Still, it’s not minty (why are so many glosses minty?) and I’m calling it a buy!

CoverGirl Glowing Nights “Glosstinis” Nail Polish in After Dark (full size, $3 value) – Do not call something “glowing” if it could possibly glow in the dark, but does not.  This polish was a similar turquoise to a lot of glow-in-the-dark polishes that were out around this time, and I was super bummed when it didn’t glow at all.  BOO.  Anyway, this polish bottle is rather small, but it’s a nice consistency and shade.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil (sample size) – I la-la-la-la-love this stuff!  It’s made with macadamia oil, so my hair smells like a cookie when I run this through.  It feels really silky on my fingers and I always rub it in as a hand moisturizer when I’m done.  The ingredients contain some silicones and mineral oil (which isn’t greaaat for your hair).

Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel Deodorant (1.6oz full size, $7.50) – I was singing to the heavens for this item. Getting a good deodorant for $5 is enough of a value for this box to be worth it!  This works wonderfully for me.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner (sample size) – This is labeled for fine, flat hair–which mine is not definitely not.  This seems to work fine for me, though.  The shampoo is clear (love that) and the conditioner has a nice, emollient feel.

Extra Samples – There was a card of foundation samples from Neutrogena in a wide range of shades, a sample tube of Nikki Minaj’s Pink Friday perfume and a little packet of L’Oreal Youth Code “Pore Vanisher”.  Teeny, but an added value for somebody, I’m sure.

4 responses to “Walmart Beauty Box Review”

    $5 bucks?? $5 bucks?? How can I NOT get it?? I’m gonna get it, my sister’s gonna get it, my friends are gonna get it… my fucking cat is gonna get it.

    Speaking of minty lip gloss..
    I used to buy Tarte’s Lipsurgence in Envy. Favorite lipstick bar none : great matte color, good compromise between “lasts a long time” and “dries out my lips”, and I even liked the
    flavor: VANILLA MINT! (Well it was more a scent than a flavor but still. )
    I never re-purchase lipstick but I bought 3 of these bad boys and on the third one… the TINT CHANGED which is so so wrong I don’t even know where to begin.
    Anyway after I recovered from my grief I started hunting down a new “favorite” lipstick and during that search I stumbled across Revlon Colorburst matte balm which is an incredible dupe: same color, same packaging, same “pencil” type tip.. even the same vanilla mint scent! It’s so similar I have to assume Revlon is hunting tarte on this. (And it’s less than half the cost! )
    I’m curious what happens in these cases. It seems like it would be… patent infringement? But I haven’t heard anything about Revlon getting sued so.. it’s not? Or tarte doesn’t care?
    Oh well guess we’ll never know.

    1. Isn’t this box great? Like you said–hard to hate on $5!
      I think most brands only go after copyright issues when the packaging is incredibly similar. Otherwise, proving it’s the SAAAAME hue or scent is unpossible, since ingredients are super proprietary.
      My fave Chap-stick is vanilla mint. So yum, so good.

  2. I’m still waiting for my Walmart beauty box which they estimated to be shipped around Nov 25. I ordered a target beauty box on black friday and it just came home today! Already I am very pleased with it, and I would suggest you check it out as well! I chose the $5 box from target which had more hair/body care products but there was also a $7 option that came with makeup!

    1. I just saw my first unboxing of the Target box, and I think I’ll get it! I like their brands.
      Like I said above, I wish the Wal-Mart box shipping was more clear. I got my box a few weeks after a lot of reviewers did, but still before a lot of others!

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