Ipsy November 2014

Another month, another bag.

The Theme: “Girl Meets Glitter”, but the contents of my bag were absolutely no more glittery than usual.  I think they offered one glitter nail polish and everything else was either slightly frosty or not glitter at all.  And man, am I alone in just viscerally disliking their current beauty “gurus”?  They all look sooo much the same.  Anyway, I think I’ll probably use the lip paint regularly.  I’ll be gifting the eye base and hair spray to my mom.  Wanna join ipsy?  Use my referral link, pal!

The bag: I LOVE that the glitter was coated and contained.  Their bag this time last year (I think) was gold glitter and it definitely got on my hands.

Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Submissive: This is like a cream eyeshadow, intended to go under powder eyeshadow.  I guess the idea is that it will add a little frost to the shadow, but I just don’t really love this.  It’s too dark for a base.  As is custom with this brand, I think it’s too expensive at $14 for 0.09 oz.

Elizabeth Mott You’re So Fine Liquid Eyeliner in Glitterati: I was glad this was a liquid liner, for a change. This shade is kind of an asphalt–black with super fine glitter.  I have greasy eyelids, so liquid liners with crunchy applications tend to flake off… this was no exception.  PASS.  $18

J. Cat Beauty Lip Paint in Red Potion: WOW is this dark in the tube, where it looks like a deep red purple.  It spreads lighter and more reddish pink as it blends out.  I squeezed it out on my lips and gave my boyfriend a nice fakeout–he thought I’d cut myself pretty badly! This doesn’t have great wearing power.  It’s meant to be a cheap ($5) alternative to OCC Lip Tar ($18).

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Volume Shine Hairspray: I didn’t use this at all. It seems weird to talk about how much oil is in your hair spray because everything about a hair spray is meant to be… not oily. I’ll give it to my mom, who just uses more hairspray.  A full size can retails at $8.29.

Temptu S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl: First, I was disappointed because this sample is teeeeeny (0.01 oz). I’ve marked over and over again that I don’t care for highlighters or bronzers, and here we are. I’m going to use this in the corners of my eyes and as an eyeshadow, but it’s much too pink for general use and it’s silicone based, so I think it feels weird.  This retails at $27 for 1 oz.

2 responses to “Ipsy November 2014”

  1. I am missing my bag! I will be not be reunited with it for another week.

    Who are these gurus you speak of?? I know there’s Michelle Phan… are there more? ( Can you tell I never visit their site? )

    EYE BASE! YES! I need some. I used my Urban Decay while traveling and went out and bought another one this last weekend. On a whim I tried the “Sin” color, thinking it would be a nice way to jazz up my (usually boring) eyeshadow choices. BEEEEEP. Wrong. So wrong for me. With it on, I look… well, I look crazy. I can’t explain it any other way. I’m going to return it.

    I have zero luck with glitter eyeliner. I’m excited by the concept … but can’t quite pull it off. I can’t rely on it as a “standalone” liner and I can’t seem to get it together as an “overlay” liner. But I’m ready to practice it again! ( ‘Tis the season…)

    Oil Hairspray.. WUH? I’m with you. “Hairspray” and “Oil” don’t belong together.

    I can’t believe you don’t like highlighters! Sometimes it’s all I use because my cheeks are naturally red ( thanks rosacea! ) and because it doesn’t take much for me to turn into a sweaty beast. (Foundation is for winter only. ) i suspect this might be a function of age. When I was younger I didn’t like cream-based cosmetics at all because it made me shiny and greasy looking. But now that my skin is drier.. well that’s life. You should take a little light shiny eyeshadow and try it as a highlighter on your cheeks — you might like it. That’s what i used to do. ( Also I would use it on my lips too! What can I say? I had a thing for frosty pink for a while. )

    1. I don’t like highlighters because my skin is a natural highlighter. Haha Joke I made to Caroline earlier: when I get back from a sunny vacation, people tend to say “Wow, you’re hardly reflecting any light at all.” I don’t like bronzers for the same reason–they don’t make them light enough to serve as a realistic contour. I tend to use a very poorly pigmented brown blush my mom rejected because it didn’t show up on her skin at all. XD
      Ooh, a glob of that highlighter on my lips might actually be a lovely use for it.
      Ughhhh the “gurus”. I’ll try to reserve my snark, but I think they could honestly be triplets and I wouldn’t know any better: https://www.facebook.com/ipsy (in the cover image)

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