Snoop Dogg Fancy Box April 2014 Review

A New Box, A New Dootsie Review!

So I heard that Snoop Lion was going to have a Fancy Box, and I just had to give it a whirl.  I got a sweet (now no longer working) discount code, so why the heck not?  I expected this to be more geared toward Snoop’s love of music and Rastafarian culture, but it was pretty obviously heavy on the “green”.  That was pretty disappointing, as I’ve got little interest in those kinds of products.

This was my first ever Fancy box.  And wouldn’t you know, it came with an item missing.  And wouldn’t you know, it was the most valuable item in the box.  I emailed Fancy last night at 6:20pm EST and a representative got back to me within the hour.  I was really impressed.  She asked me to use the included FedEx label to return the box and its contents and that they would mail me an entirely new box–and warned that the items included were random, so I might get some varied goods.  The insert in Box Number One suggested to me that four items in the box were standard to EVERY Snoop Dogg Fancy Box–a Solopipe, a copy of High Times, a red Fire bucket ashtray and a “High Thoughts” journal.  Box Number One also included a tube of Executive Branch rolling cones and $100 bill napkins.

So when Box Number Two arrived, it had in it the missing Solopipe, but was missing the insert and the copy of High Times.  Clearly, they have some quality assurance troubles.  I emailed to say that we’d recieved the box but it was missing an item–and crickets.  I’ve heard NOTHING from them since.  Box Number Two included a different set of rolling cones from Executive Branch and a self-inking stamp that reads Fuck Yes (LOVED this!)

So would I recommend Fancy boxes?  WELL… I’m guessing that different facilities handle the packing for different Fancy boxes.  This was the debut box, and that usually means lots of headaches.  But this definitely gave me pause.  Two totally random boxes had key items left out?  I could care less about High Times, but each issue is an $8 value, and in a $50 box… that matters!

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