Ipsy February 2014

Pop Beauty Plump Pout Mini in Peony Petal – This goes on a bit thick and bleeds a lot on my lips.  The pigment looks kind of chalky and strange on the initial swipe.  I’d describe the colour as kind of a deep pink.  After a while, the lipgloss fades out to more of a lip stain, which would be lovely if this didn’t bleed way out of my lip line.  It feels reasonably nice on and doesn’t seem to have much smell or taste.  This sample was 0.14oz and the full size is 0.3 oz at $16–I’d say look elsewhere at that price point.  As a sample, I’m probably going to have better luck lining my lips and using this as a stain.

Zoya Nail Polish in Odette – I’d call this shade a dusky mauve (one of my college professors would’ve called this “vintage brothel”.)  On, it looks very lovely, if a bit mature–I can imagine my mom wearing this and loving it.  The application is a bit thin with this particular formula, but two coats does nicely.  I think these went up in price since last time I reviewed them.  They’re now $9-$10, which what I’m used to seeing OPI go for.  This is where being an Ipster comes in handy!  The code this month is buy two, get one free (plus free nail polish remover and discounted shipping.)

City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon – This looks like a bright coral in the package.  It goes on rather heavily and creates quite a bit of fall out on my blush brush.  I had to blend it out quite a bit and in the end, I didn’t care for this shade as a blush on me.  It’s $2.99, though, so for anyone who likes a really opaque blush, this would probably be an awesome buy.

Tini Beauty Cordial Eye Cream Shadow in Spiced Rum – I’d describe this colour as a slightly-used penny with a frost texture.  In the tube, it’s a touch more golden.  I liked it on more than I expected and I think it’ll make a nice smokey eye alternative.  After half an hour of wear, there’s no creasing and it’s stayed pretty well put.  I feel like $18 (for 0.14 oz) is still a lot for even a great product like this.

NuMe Intense Renewal Hair Mask – I’m conflicted on this product. I looked up the ingredients one by one and only found a single ingredient that’s not Curly Girl kosher before I got tuckered out.  Most of the ingredients are water soluble and designed to promote “slippage” (common in danglers.)  This has a nice floral, musky smell, though it’s a bit more thin than I expected when I squeezed it out of the sample tube.  I rinsed it out, towel dried my hair and could immediately run a brush through my hair–no tangles!  I let my hair air dry and it immediately felt sort of crunchy and dry.  I brushed it out and mussed with it a while and it finally feels sort of silky through the length, but the ends feel really weird, like I’ve got a million split ends. This is sold for $30/6 oz in a tub on the NuMe site–I really think this is too thin to try to gloop out of a tub!  As a sample, though, I’m calling this a nice get.

The Overall: This was a good month!  My bag came and my boyfriend was so excited by how thick it was, he opened it himself to see the goods.  Haha!  I was a bit disappointed that the previews (and possibly bag) were sort of Valentine’s-themed and I didn’t get my bag until the 15th.

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4 responses to “Ipsy February 2014”

  1. Even though I’m “late” opening my bag this month, I felt like I opened it prematurely. I didn’t really have time to savor it and I just basically gave most of it away to my sister and niece.

    I didn’t get the cream eye shadow or the hair mask, which was kind of a bummer since I wanted to try the hair mask. I got fake eyelashes and (another!) eye liner instead.

    Sister liked the nail polish. I look forward to tell her it’s for “mature” ladies. 🙂
    She also took the fake eyelashes.

    The blush looked crazy orange to me. I never wear coral anything to begin with so I just passed it straight to the niece. I’m hoping sometime in the near future she will appear with it smeared onto her cheeks and I can take a picture that I can use against her in 5 years. She also got the cute bag and the lip thing. I have a lot of lip products so I’m only interested in keeping the ones I really love. Your review was ringing in my ears when I passed it to her. Also? I don’t like Pop. I feel like I’m buying e.l.f at Mac prices.

    Even though I only ended up with (another!) silver eye liner, I’m happy with the bag since my sister and niece were also happy.

    1. I love that you’ve gotten your use out of the bag, even if it wasn’t for you! A couple of my IRL friends have subbed up, and I’m finding that their stories of who they’ve given their products to are some of my faves! I’ve been foisting most of my leftovers off on my aunt and mom. A friend of mine who is a cancer survivor recently subscribed to the Glam Bags and she’s planning to donate her false lashes to cancer groups, which is something I never would’ve thought of, but I plan on giving her my future falsies, too!
      I’ve been using the hair mask, otherwise I’d send it your way. I kept trying to figure out if it was causing buildup or not, and my final word on the matter is that it does; the detangling effect carries over for three or four washes.
      EXACTLY with the Pop Beauty products. I kind of wish Ipsy would pass on their stuff. I liked the last eyeshadow palette I got from them well enough, but that’s not to say it’s a GOOD product–it’s just convenient in the mornings when I’m bleary-eyed and much too lazy to bother. Haha
      These are my confessions: I’ve been using the blush as eye shadow! Haha it perfectly matches this coral striped shirt I bought from Torrid ages ago, so I just look like a neon party with it on.

      1. Blush as eyeshadow is brilliant! I already use eye shadow as highlighter so why not?

      2. WELLLLLLL some blushes use pigments that aren’t FDA approved as eye-safe, so it’s not always recommended. Haha You know right away if a pigment is wrong for your eyes because it causes irritation. I’ve never experienced that, so I’m not terribly cautious.

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