The Life & Death of a Most Belov’d Meow


Overnight I had her on rotating sealed bags of ice.  Double bag, my friends, double bag. I learned that the hard way and poor Meow got a little wet on her dead butt.  Late night hair dryer + cat in rigor mortis is the comic scene of the century, tell you what.  Cue Yakety Sax.

Caitlin runs YouTube channel Order of the Good Death. She is a mortician who is passionate about approaching death positively, cognizant of its natural place in all life. 

This is her lovely post about at-home pet euthanasia, a kitty wake, and the burial of her friend, The Meow. 

Having recently done some serious thinking about my cats’ end of life plans, this post seemed like a particularly sweet balm. Loss is always hard, but facing it with courage, honesty, and love can help death be non-traumatic and even healing. 

The Life & Death of a Most Belov’d Meow

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