Can we talk about American Horror Story?

Am I crazy, or did Zoe perform all of the Seven Wonders?  Does dying put you out of the running?  Queenie was able to perform Resurgence on Misty.  I just don’t understand the rules of the Supreme.  Are there any?

But seriously, I don’t even understand how Zoe got up there to be impaled.  Did she accidentally trasmutate (?) up into the air?  I half expected it to be the Big Reveal that Fiona was alive and on a rampage.  Likewise, I expected Fiona to stab Cordelia in the back, regain her power, only to have a showdown with Zoe, the New New Supreme.  Far-fetched, but my mind went there.

Everyone’s going on that Myrtle’s last word being “Balenciaga” must mean that the next season is about Nazis… but they’ve already touched on Nazis.  I don’t think they’d do an entire season about that.  They’re definitely not above crass and offensive, but that seems extreme, even for them.  Plus, I was thinking “Whooooo designed that dress?” the minute she yelled that.

What the fuck happened to the baby that Spalding took?

Why is Misty stuck in hell forever?  Is this an After School Special to warn kids that trying out to be the next Supreme is dangerous?  NOT EVEN ONCE.

It’s more than a little fucked up that Fiona’s hell is domestic abuse and a farmhouse.  Also, I thought she had no soul… so how can her soul be punished for all eternity?

American Horror Story: Plot Hole

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