A Netflix Original Series

House of Cards: I’ve only seen the first episode (and I’m currently watching the second.)  I felt like the first episode could well have been half as long and just as effective.  This role is perfect for Kevin Spacey.  Breaking the fourth wall is a perfect way to make this world accessible for the audience while injecting it with some nice laughs.  I LIKE this show, but I feel like screaming “I get it, you’re gonna screw these guys over!  Where ya goin’ with this, Spacey!?”

Arrested Development: I feel like the interwoven plot lines was a genius way to make the series feel fresh.  I also felt like it was a huge bird flip at network execs who said that audiences couldn’t follow the in-jokes.

Orange is the New Black: Wow. This is a show that shows people of color, transgendered people, lesbians and prisoners as people—real, intricate people with complicated lives and actual emotion without feeling like an after school special.  It frequentlyyyy passes the Bechdel test!  And it’s funny!  I can’t recommend this enough.

Hemlock Grove: I really couldn’t get past the terrible attempts at American accents, stiff acting and detached style.  I kept feeling like scary/spooky things were supposed to happen and never felt scared, spooked, creeped or horror’d.  (I also kept waiting for Bill Skarsgard to grow several inches, get blonder and get hotter.)  This was attractive, but I just could not muster a single shit to give.

Lilyhammer: I didn’t watch this, but the Mister did.  He really enjoyed it, but said that the subtitles were a little bothersome.  That kept me from watching it.  I feel like it was a weird original series to lead off with.  I don’t think it had much mass appeal and certainly wasn’t going to get Netflix any new subscribers on buzz alone.

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