Where I’m At

So today, I went to the doctor for what I suspect to be gallstones.  I’ve been having what I think is a “gallbladder attack” for nearly 5 days now.  It stops for about 4 hours, then it’s right back to it.

They drew some blood for a slew of tests and took a urine sample.  I’ll be getting an abdominal ultrasound in the morning, then I’ll have a follow-up appointment with the doctor to see where I’ll go from here.

I’ll most likely face a laparoscopic gallbladder removal.  I want it to happen soon or for someone to offer me a way to stop constantly hurting.  Seriously, it’s the most nagging pain I’ve ever experienced, right under my rib cage for added discomfort.

I’m currently fasting for my ultrasound, not that it’s much of a feat.  I’ve been more or less unable to eat anything more than some banana or a few bites of bread without feeling extra discomfort.  And I haven’t had caffeine in… oh God.  So long.  Anyway, all this to say that I’m a one-woman pity party.  WOE BETIDE ME.

Kudos to my darling Mister for tolerating me, worrying about me and banging the ouch out of me.

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