Ipsy March 2013: Anchors Aweigh!

The Bag – Very cute nautical print, but it felt a little flimsy.  Not sure how much I’d use this in my purse.  I prefer slightly more durable bags because I’m pretty rough on my stuff!

The Shipping – The tracking reports that they shipped the piece on the 6th, but I didn’t get the code until the 9th.  It was handled by DHL this time, and the piece seemed to move pretty slow.  It arrived at the airport early in the morning on the 8th, but didn’t leave until the 9th and I didn’t receive it until the 11th.  Meh for this month.

Glam Rx Mini Freestyle Palette – I didn’t know that THIS is what I’ve been looking for in an interchangeable palette until I had it in my hands.  It’s a little bigger than a credit card and fairly slim.  It’s perfect for dropping in a few pans and actually taking with you!  I think this was actually created especially for Ipsy subscribers, and I think it’s exactly the sort of thing brands should be doing.  It’s a great taste of what your brand can do and something they’ll actually use–keeping your logo in their bag.  The magnet seems to be plenty strong and the mirror is great.

yaby Eyeshadow Refill – Perfect coordinating on Ipsy’s part.  Yes, DO give us eyeshadow pans when you give us an interchangeable palette.  I got a tealy-green and a pretty muted goldenrod.  These are still confusingly similar to the Coastal Scents shades I got–I’m curious about how Ipsy chooses the sample shades now.  These have great colour payoff even without primer.  They’re a bit small, but it’s a nice sample size.

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist – I could smell this as soon as I opened my bag.  None had leaked, but it was a nice surprise.  It’s sort of herby and cirtusy on me.  I wouldn’t spray this on my face–sneeze much?–but it would be okay in my hair.  This had pretty decent staying power.  I don’t know about the “hydrating” part of the equation–I didn’t see or feel much difference.  I probably wouldn’t buy this, but it’s a nice freebie.

LA Fresh travel-lite Makeup Remover Wipes – These are okay face wipes.  They did a pretty good job of removing the green eyeshadow, which I think is a pretty solid measure of a wipe’s cleaning ability!  I noticed a powder fresh scent when I opened them, but no smell really seemed to come with the wipe or stay behind.  No stickiness afterward, which I’ve noticed with some wipes.

The Overall: I really liked this bag for the eyeshadow and palette.  I feel like ipsy needs to communicate how beneficial it is for a brand to represent themselves creatively.  Obviously, generating BRAND NEW products for the ipsy bags isn’t always feasible, but it definitely excites me as a potential customer more than something I could get anywhere.  Show me why your brand is unique!

5 responses to “Ipsy March 2013: Anchors Aweigh!”

  1. Well it’s official : I have a backlog of Ipsy bags now. LOL. Can you believe it? My excuse is that I was out of town when last month’s bag came and it got put in the “non-priority mail pile” and guess what : I’m out of town now too! (This time it’s Ireland so I can’t complain. ) At what point does a “backlog” become a “stash” and then from there when do you transition to “hoarding”?

    This bag sounds so exciting. I have been thinking about reorganizing some of my palettes into a more travel-friendly “DIY” palette ( like the Z Palette ) so this might dovetail with those plans.

    I’ve never used any of those mists, either for “hydration” ( pretty sure that’s not how my skin actually gets hydrated — pretty sure I need to *ingest* the water ) or for “makeup setting” ( this one has more potential ). But the idea of spraying it into your hair is BOSS. Who doesn’t want nice-smelling hair??

  2. Well I finally got to trying this bag! Like you I was excited about the palette and the yaby eyeshadow but unlike you I was somewhat disappointed.

    The palette is *very* small — I was hoping for something a little larger. I thought I could compensate by buying a bunch of yaby eyeshadows but they were not as inexpensive as I thought : about $4 a pop which sounds cheap until you consider how very very small they are. I tried getting some Coast Scents eye shadows in there but they are not the right metal so I’d have to put some magnetic strips on them. Wrestling those pans our of their little plastic strip reminded me of what I don’t like about Coastal Scents: they’re so soft they crack/divot/flake apart very easily. Whatever palette you keep them in quickly becomes a mess.

    All that aside, I would still go purchase some yaby eyeshadows if I could get the discount to work. Which I cannot. Grrrr…

    1. I totally tried the same thing! Like you, they started to crack on me. I wonder if it would be easier to cut the plastic holder and peel it loose from the shadows, rather than trying to pry the shadows out of the plastic? I have TWO of these little plastic thingies now, so I’m dying to get them into something more convenient.
      I agree that the Yaby shadows are (for me) overpriced. They’re also a little small for a lot of tools I’ve been trying on them since this review. It’s actually a bit of a nuisance!

  3. Update on Yaby-ness:

    So I was re-thinking my decision not to purchase Yaby. As somebody who travels a lot I’m still intrigued by the thought of packing more colors into my case.

    I went back to find them online. This time I just Googled “Yaby”, rather than dig up the link to the reseller ipsy is using, and that naturally took me to the Yaby website where I discovered the prices were slightly lower than the ipsy reseller’s!! The reseller, Camera Ready Cosmetics, is charging only a dime more but surely that’s the wrong direction?!?

    Add to that the fact the CRC website is crap, the selection is limited because everything is out of stock, I still can’t find a way to invoke the discount and… I’mma talk to ipsy.

    1. This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard! I’d actually be LESS baffled if the markup was higher. But a dime, really?

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