A Disorganized List of Words I’m Sick of Seeing Associated With Food

Skinny, Decadent, Guilt-Free, Superfood, Addicting, Sex, Detox, Guilty, Sinful

3 responses to “A Disorganized List of Words I’m Sick of Seeing Associated With Food”

  1. Hallelujah Sista. I going for my all time favourite ice cream the other day (Mayan Chocolate Haagen Dazs) and I had to pass a bunch of “Skinny Cow” products, what the hell is up with that name. You are a cow for wanting those products but they aren’t as fattening as all the rest, is pretty much that name says to me. Guilt free usually means, tastes like crap and is made of chemicals that can’t be pronounced.
    I love your list.

    1. Skinny Cow is the worst. Feel ashamed for wanting dessert, but if you’re going to be a fattie, please eat our product.
      I haven’t had the Mayan Chocolate–how cinnamony is it?

  2. I like cinnamon so I find it just right, but chocolate is definitely the star, it has regular chocolate ice cream as well as swirls of gooey chocolate in it. It is my go to ice cream, if you don’t like cinnamon it may not be your thing.
    I have never tried skinny cow and I won’t ever try it, I believe in the idea of your money is your vote when it comes to products, they don’t get my vote.

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