I generally have one of two kinds of weekends.

I have productive weekends.  “Productive” doesn’t even necessarily entail getting anything in particular accomplished.  Just weekends wherein I feel like my time was spent well, doing exactly what I needed to be doing.  Those weekends are generally restful and leave me feeling like a grown-up.

But then there are weekends like this one.  Weekends where it doesn’t matter what I do because I just feel like I should be doing something else.  Where I feel petulant, lazy or slightly hungover the whole time.  Where I can’t be satisfied.  Where I never feel happy with myself.  And where I am not mentally prepared for the work week come Monday.

Do you have crappy weekends? Is this a strictly-me phenomenon? 

4 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. “Where I feel petulant, lazy or slightly hungover the whole time.” I so know this feeling and it happens more often for me during the winter time. I can’t wait for more sunny days so that I feel more energized and getting things done around the house doesn’t feel so draining.
    We went out for a while today and I was so tired from that I fell asleep on the sofa this evening, it is Sunday, geez, it is not like today was a rough day at work.

    1. Haha Sundays are always such lazy days for me, anyway. I usually wake up a bit stiff and all my goings are slow for the rest of the day. < old lady.
      I'm so ready for spring to happen. I'll feel better just being able to get outside sometimes.

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